I will never see how sick people are in the west as “normal”. And that takes my thoughts to Tehran

I’ve just learned the name of the admin of my favorite site on the Farsinet- کیوان عزتی or Keyvan Ezzati.

As you are aware I am an “extremely online” person, and his jscenter.ir is the closest thing to “institutional philosophy” I have found on the internet.

Why do I feel like the only person in the west to whom this concept brings “mirth”?

To grasp the background of why I have such high esteem for this site recall my post on Schopenhauer here.

“Institutional philosophy” is innately an oxymoron. Or that is what one would believe until discovering jscenter.ir!

Does our government fund Unz’s site? No. Thus that isn’t instititional philosophy, that is off-the-grid philosophy. Ditto shekina.mybb. Further, does philosophy “happen” in US universities? No, you’d get fired for that. Some of us have a lofty idea of philosophy. The bitter copers who schmooze the state and call it “Philosophy” all need to be shot.

“Well at least I’m not a towelhead.” Good excuse. There IS truth to that though- I’ve noticed the Iranians never journey to the stratosphere because they are not as intimate with certain strains of western thought as some of us are here. No offense, the old west is the best (in human history), the current west is what is bad. If you do not incorporate the best of the west you’re going to be limited. Regardless of that, jscenter.ir is more valuable than 99.99% of western websites.

This makes me cackle

Ezzati himself did not write all of those articles obviously. It’s mostly contributions from university professors.

You can expect no studies of this site to appear in English

“What have I been watching all my life?! Why am I the way that I am?!”

The Revolutionary Guard that supports this site is technically a branch of the Iranian military. It was founded by Khomeini to protect Iran’s political system.

Keep in mind the “superstructure” here. The Revolutionary Guard and its projects exist in an uncorrupted form because they are downstream from an anti-usury banking system.

This Ezzati also admins this site where 30 articles are edited a day.

“This isn’t about The Current Event though.” It’s about the current event all the current events take place within.

Why does next to no one on the right or left talk about this? Seems like if they were consistent people it would be right up their alley.

I like how someone on the Unz site put it

the West is now under Jewish control like India was under British control

You are at least. I’m not.

I’m still in that mood for primordial pre-Socratic wisdom from yesterday- there are only a few places in the world you can go to truly understand the following “superstructure”

“Yeah we’re free from the nazis and fascists now, I know.” Not free from others though.

There’s not much on google about that Ezzati titan unfortunately so we’re left mostly with the surface of his phenomenal websites. The question is how to be free. The answer is reading websites like his.

Here is another Iranian similar to Ezzati. Jscenter.ir claims the Mossad killed him and his family last year.

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