The one the Mossad killed sought to promote “media literacy” in his books on Hollywood

Do you think there are people jumping to translate this any time soon?

This chapter title alone has more honesty and insight than most right-wing journo IQ anons

Again I emphasize the institutional aspect here. This book was published by Imam Hossein University. This uni is affiliated with the Ministry of Defense.

Imagine this, this is the real deal

Iran is a UFO!! One that has about the same square miles as Alaska! I will not shut up about this, especially given the recent distraction known as the Ukraine-Russia conflict, a complete mock-battle and waste of attention.

Let’s reflect on the let’s call it “modesty” of human civilization. Hollywood is. You are not supposed to think about WHAT Hollywood is. It’s supposed to exist and you are not supposed to reflect on its existence.

Why else would it be (at least from off-the-reservation) an “obvious fact” to you that the above book isn’t going to be translated into English any time soon? Institutions are. Just like the Catholic Church is. What exactly is going on in Catholicism? You would be considered a heretic or atheist if you were within the church wondering about that too much. Same goes with Hollywood.

In Ancient Greek times you had to worry about a poet manipulating you with the use of a lyre – now look what we have to worry about


Think of God as Plato’s Form of the Good. Is that healthy to put that under us? What do you think relativism is? And that’s the official epistemological stance of the US.

“Movies haven’t influenced me very much.” In most cases that is false. Cinema is one of the most important things in our culture arguably. So why is it an “obvious fact” that such a book will not be translated into English? Why did the Mossad kill a man and his family for writing about MOVIES?

Bizarro World? No, this reflects the “modesty” of human civilizations. Humanity is a “homely woman”, if you want to think of it that way. My style of posthumanism is making humanity into a beautiful woman. And there would be a beauty to being able to decipher the cladistic-kabbalah in cinema.

When I visit the Farsinet I’m reminded how much of my cherished z-library is a joke. If it’s in English the chances are highly likely there will be no UFO to be found. How many books on film criticism do you think exist? 100s? 1000s? And which ones are not beholden to “the new Vatican”?

Institutions “do” and you are not supposed to think about what they do.

It looks like a camel-rider wielding a scimitar wrote this

Don’t think too much about this motto, goy

The implication is that an “intelligent audience” is not allowed

the influence of the great Zionist companies and their worldly ideas on cinema calls on any intelligent audience and critic to recognize the foundations, myths and ends of the works of Western cinema. Unfortunately, there is a lack of research resources in this regard.

Recall my post on an off-the-grid Chinaman’s thoughts on American cinema. Non-westerners have some of the most objective takes on this subject that I’ve seen. Aesthetics is ideally a science after all.

This is a creepy way to put it, Muhammad

Certainly not all audiences understand the entire content of the films, but the repetition of Zionist themes and myths in various films places them in the subconscious of their consciences and creates a kind of alignment of human breath with Zionist programs and reduces the audience’s resistance.

Know thy enemy AND know thy self

The main reason for the current alignment of British and American foreign, cultural and cinematic policies must be traced back to the 16th century and the rise of Protestantism

You ever had that thought while watching a movie? “The reason I’m interpreting it this way is because of something that happened 500 years ago.”

Sorry, the NPC meme never gets old to me.

Some of my readers I bet would appreciate a Muhammad to write a book like this about “Zionist breath-alignment” in video games.

Muslims are the only people I know of who have made video games that involve killing Jews as part of the main plot. Do you see what you’re missing out on in the US?

Anyway, what’s eerie about the writer in question is that he has a PhD in Religious Art. Even a weathered veteran in these things like myself has never thought of Hollywood film as “religious art”. Makes sense. I do feel “modest” when perusing the Farsinet sometimes.

These days in the US it seems like everyperson can identify with Luther nailing his theses to the church door. I want to be able to do that while watching jewmovies. I mean, many of us on the right already can do that. Only to an extent though if you’re only a beginner at Kabbalah.

The Persians just have an uncanny way of talking about us

The preachers of Kabbalah seek to eliminate the original religious concepts in the minds of their audience [and] exploit them materially and spiritually.

Ask yourself if you would talk about the above things with some random person. No, the chances are you’re extremely guarded. Not even using the word “kike”, just trying to talk about Hollywood. You would not talk in the open public about this.

When you look at something like the following do you not realize how virtually all professors are useless?

That’s because the academy is just like Hollywood. It is, it does. You aren’t supposed to wonder about what it is, what it does.

Muhammad, do you have any books on our academy too? That would be interesting also.

I’ll never for the life of me understand people who are part of the “lobotomy conspiracy”. Why do they want humanity to be a homely woman?

“Because I am just like Hollywood too!!!” You do, and people aren’t supposed to wonder about what you do.

Why am I the favored scapegoat of millionaires and billionaires? Isn’t there a mystery about that?

“You’re not supposed to think about stuff.” Okay, nigger.

The truth is revealed! It’s a nigger!

Too bad you can’t buy your way out of being one of those.

Anyway, I haven’t found an HTML of the book in question- here is a good essay on it though.

This is MY kind of “aesthetic theory”

To perform semiotic analysis according to John Fisk’s method we must first get acquainted with the concept of cryptography and then with the three layers of cryptography in the films

Ooh so this Muhammad is a type of “spy” himself, that’s why the Israeli spies killed him.

Look what other book is in the bibliography of this essay, ese

كرماني، محمدبهزاد، 1388، كابالا عرفان سياسي يهود، مشهد، سخن گستر.

[Book of Kabbalah; Jewish Political Mysticism: An Introduction to Recognizing the Political Dimensions of Jewish Mysticism]

Why is it so easy to be more honest and more daring in one shitpost than most people have been in their entire lives?

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