Oh no, I have the occult mood again, watch out.

In our Equalist Epoch, when people speak of these things they are seen as arrogant. That isn’t the case with me, I don’t have one arrogant atom in my body.

I’m reporting to you the reality of the situation. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn explains most of what goes on here and the reactions to it.

We’re online, so you’re not wearing a hooded cloak. We’re online, so you haven’t been thrown out of the group.

More than 99% of people should be excluded from these matters.

Kabbalists šŸ¤ Occultists

One thing we can agree about at least.

No, I don’t think jews should be allowed here either, they’re too gluttonous.

It’s church and synagogue folk who should just be humble- and rabbis are synagogue folk as well.

I can never repeat enough that only old men with white hair are ninth or tenth degree.

Thus I myself can only disclose a partial picture.

I wrote about some of these things here.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to say it- if you are not able to laugh with me there’s a good chance you’re a nigger.

What this means is that you are permanently profane.

Maybe you smirk at the idea of “diversity”. Diversity is real, just not in the way progs think. We have a vast array of permanently profane types within this diversity.

“Is it truly permanent?” I am aware of methods that are illegal. There are ways to help them, it’s just not something the herd is able to hear about.

Sometimes I use them through text, and that is inadequate relative to other methods.

Carrying on though, I feel like my experiment here has acted in the way of a mathematical formula to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Anyone who is not a Neophyte can detect all the signs of a Neophyte, and know that they shouldn’t be here.

If you want to think of humans as monads, it is a permanently profane monad.

Or if you want to think of the soul as flint, they cannot produce the sparks that could start a fire.

And there is a bonfire in town with our cherished jews, so they prefer to flock to that, even if it is a fire that is built on burning trash.

The central lie of our time is that to stand with the Jews you stand with exiles. The truth is that if you stand with the Jews you stand with rightful exiles.

This is the inversion of morality.

“Everyone is in on it!” Yes, they are. I’ve often felt like someone standing alone in a hooded cloak. It’s fine if you don’t relate, because I already know what you are (permanently profane).

“What were you saying about the Golden Dawn though?” This is filtering them into the 21st century.

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