You ever hear about this?

Here is the poetic evidence that Pound’s right-wing ideas in the 1950s were not confined to letters or pseudonymous prose but were part of the so-called “Washington Cantos,”

These are the poems he wrote when he was imprisoned in an insane asylum after the war. I started the morning looking into the contrast between the Odyssey and Ulysses but Homer is too painful for me after realizing life is an odyssey toward nothing after a war fought for nothing, and that Penelope doesn’t exist. Pound’s realism is much more appealing to me. When I first read Nietzsche as a teenager I had no idea what he meant when he said that we need art because illusions save us. Only recently do I understand that, and I disagree- I prefer realistic art.

In the so-called “Saint Elizabeths Hospital” Pound was not allowed to write whatever he wanted, so he wrote in coded, Aesopian language. He was held there for 13 years after his “treasonous” radio broadcasts which promulgated fascism, which he took to be a form of Jeffersonianism.

Pound is similar to Heidegger in that despite his politics they just can’t stop writing books about him! I think I saw over a dozen on H written in 2021 alone. I laugh at them for this.

Don’t worry, it’s all for the best, no “ill intentions” whatsoever

Here I place these poems in the historical context of the Cold War and the Civil Rights struggle, which the poet saw as an aspect of the Jewish/Communist conspiracy determined to subvert and subjugate the United States

Being is annihilated, the US is subjugated. Good job everyone.

Was he wrong?

he also turned his cantos to counter what he perceived as a renewed threat to civilization—civilization which could only be created and sustained by specially gifted races, namely the Greeks (i.e. Europeans) and the Chinese.

Am I the only one who finds it funny when someone sarcastically exclaims “Oy vey!”

This (naturally, hostile) scholar refers to the Cantos as “the tale of the tribe” and “the epic of capital”. You tell me who is the more oracular Homerian, Joyce or Pound.

You can’t beat this guy. This is from around the time he was finally released from the asylum

“Details of private life, to HIDE main ideas of ANY writer worth reading,” while “Billions” are spent “to conceal 40 facts of history or 17 or even fewer / to distract from MEANING of texts, basic and auxillary,”

Yes yes! So many classics are deliberately misinterpreted. 40 facts of concealed history? Can you name 10? Hopefully I’ve helped with some of these things.

It’s disturbing to think how many spiritual jews I’m speaking to right now. If Pound had been listened to they’d be better people. No offense.

Anyway, when at Saint Elizabeths Pound identified with Dante, and the poems he wrote there were intended to be the “Paradise” side of the Divine Comedy. Ironic he wrote those while in “purgatory”.

Look what he had there

A painter and poet, she inspired these poems. Uh oh!

I love bringing dangerous women into the mix. And not the plastic kind they try to sell you. Actual dangerous women.

“Hey, I’m in this picture.” Yup, and that’s why you’ll never be a muse. A muse for golems perhaps, how fulfilling that sounds. My precious!

Truly, I can shit all over you people all day long!

Golems with golems, creating more golems. THAT is “Inferno” material.

I like this word

“And I’m in on it.” In on what, philosophy? Oh, never mind.

Everytime I write I have the attitude that people are going to change, only to later realize that theirs is a permanent condition. A talent of human beings not remarked on enough is for making excuses. If they are really good at one thing I’d have to say it’s self-deception.

Pound is one of the rare ones who had a talent for truth

Apparently his muse understood this. Maybe people can grow? This is her

Before Ez & After Ez man! the change—he tuned me in clear & LOUD—but it’s still me

This is probably giving RW types depression. “No… she’ll always be a golemwoman.”

You know the implications of that, right? Your children will be part-kike. I.e. YOU will not exist in the future. Pff you’re probably already part-golem yourself anyway. What a woyld, I love to use this turdball as my muse.

Pound’s muse was a heroin addict

So, this was already going on in the 1950s.

Great Britain won the war, sure it did. Who else wants to slap that pig Churchill? I know I do.

This is a painting of hers

She wrote a poem about the federal reserve in mocking Yiddish dialect. Can you imagine a woman doing that today?

Actually they do. It’s just in simulacra and has to be deciphered.

Non-simulacra is very refreshing though isn’t it?

She draws an interesting distinction in this letter to Bukowski

I KNOW that the Zionists are not going to & NEVER had ANY intention of ever allowing the American Jews to rule

She represents an alternative liberatory path to the hippies.

Here’s something a crypto-fascist woman might be interested in exploring

There seems to be a profound lack of interest in the best female writers of the 20th century among otherwise “feminist” women. Probably something to do with the Maoist-esque forgetting of history that’s been underway.

Even rosy-cheeked liberal women would be secretly flattered to hear this about themselves

If you want to study this “Atlantean lore” though, you can’t understand Cantos 90-102 without awareness of this muse.

Remember, this is when he was in the asylum. This is how she explains it

I symbolize the spirit of Love to him

Oops, there I go humanizing political criminals again.

It’s really just another America.

I’d have to say that this is “cute”

These are her nicknames- Isis, Kuanon, Flora Castalia, Princess Ra-Set, Gea, Sybil, Aphrodite, Leucothea, among others.

Again, this is significant for understanding the Dantean element in the Cantos. This muse of his represents the Paradiso.

Joyce and Pound were friends- here’s a clue about Ulysses

Pound ended up running off with another girl after he was released from the asylum. It’s interesting though how he saw this muse.

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