This is relatable

I just sensed friction earlier when I agreed with Pound that only Euros and Chinese are capable of sustaining civilization. I.e. I can imagine RW types looking down their nose at the Chinese about this. Yeah I get that. I think that if they cleave closer to Confucianism than Marxism they will have a “decent” civilization.

Almost all pages of Confucius make me think “Not wrong.” Flip a page, “Not wrong.” Flip a page, “Not wrong.” And now I want to get a better idea of Pound’s sense of this. Plus, this is another one of those “You can’t understand the Cantos without this” understandings. Coincidentally it was also in St. Elizabeths Hospital that he translated the main parts of Confucius. It kind of goes without saying that Americans hate the Chinese because they’re “fascoid”. Yes, they do seem to believe in Harmony, don’t they.

In a broader sense, Confucius is important to understand because “the rise of China” and “the rise of Confucius” are approximately equivalent notions.

Pound himself focused on a few ~dangerous~ concepts, one being Zhèngmíng or the Rectification of Names, another being Chengyi or making thoughts sincere.

I’ve noted multiple times now how DIRECT the Chinese are. This behavior didn’t fall out of the sky, it goes back to Confucius, another spelling of his name being Kung Fu Tzu.

Sorry, I’m still laughing about my previous post. I intentionally screw with people more than you might expect.

Carrying on though, I don’t think our engineers of decline really know what they’re doing ultimately

The question that Pound scholars find particularly intriguing is why the radically iconoclastic, liberal, and individualistic Pound began in the early 1930s to embrace a conservative and authoritarian ideology and openly side with a notoriously oppressive regime in Fascist Italy. Since this change seemed to coincide with Pound’s increasingly intense devotion to the study of Confucian works,

Chairman Xi is a yellow Mussolini. When America goes under that’s what you’re going to have instead. As they say, “womp womp”.

In that light I almost want to take up the mantle of being an engineer of decline myself. No, I expect revenge. We will be seen as “Churchill” to “yellow Mussolini”. Even if the Chinese elites are privy to the knowledge that it was Jews behind the Century of Humiliation they’ll just look at europeoples as the slaves of Jews, and what concern would they have with treating such lowly specimens kindly? Jews are the head, goyim are the limbs, of their enemy.

There are certain ways of describing Confucianism that I am hesitant about expressing to westerners. It goes against everything they believe in. So they’re going to be in for a treat in the 2100s. I’m not allergic to the stuff personally, so maybe you are like me. The basic idea is everyone has a specific role to play. Something that perturbs me about this is that I don’t expect people like me to be fond of the role China will expect us to play. If they have more money and guns it won’t matter if you’re fond of it or not. Everyone in their right place. “It’s your right place to listen to me, Chinaman.” That’s not gonna fly, you’re getting buried alive for saying that.

Put differently, Confucianism for the Chinese is good. Also, hypothetically, if the west adopted a Confucian system that would probably be good, or at least better than what we have now. What’s not good is a globalized Confucianism with the Chinese at the helm. “You play your role, white dog.” Whites are already treated like timid, kicked dogs anyway so there won’t be much of a change. Tails between their legs now, tails between their legs in the future.

So, I found a Chinaman’s English study on Pound and Confucius, and it turned out to be totally dishonest, putting heavy schmoozes on the lib-urr-ullz, so I ask the Sinonet instead. What does this face say to you?

My first thought is “Cronenbergian”.

I start with sympathy for the Chinese, and the realism inevitably sets in.

It should be noted that Pound was a syncretic thinker. He merely incorporated Confucianism in with European paganism, Neoplatonism, Renaissance and Enlightenment thought (among others).

It brings us back to that controversy of the concept of Europeans and Chinese as the only ones who can sustain civilization. I think in Pound’s case it was a double over-idealization. Letting kikes take over means you can’t sustain civilization. Go over to China and philosophize and see what happens to you, I wouldn’t call that civilization.

Human history is ebbs and flows, and if I had to guess, Chinese hegemony will be akin to a Dark Age. We’re already in one now, relative to other eras of flourishing. In the 2100s it seems likely that two scoops of Oriental Despotism rather than one is what is going to define the times.

I don’t know if you have illusions that a caste-system doesn’t currently exist in the west. Euros are going further down in caste.

I know Euros are beautiful peoples, it just seems like a hollow surface-appearance when examining the geopolitical situation.

Letting two orientals take over… great job.

There’s no “getting through to them” “before it’s too late”, because they’re “all in on it” and actively embody the forces of decline in a deterministic sense.

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