Reflecting on my first philosophy professor. This was like my initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries. I mean, I had already independently read Beyond Good and Evil and tripped before I met him, he kind of just put it all into rational language, and maybe is the reason I didn’t turn into a typical word-salad hippie, which is a common pitfall with my Type. (The Anglos are often correct in their accusation of obscurantism among Continentalists.) I took a few courses with this prof though. I sat in the back row with this guy who was stoned out of his mind every class – (his name was Trinity which is kind of weird in retrospect). I think I’ve mentioned before that I wouldn’t have been there at all if my girlfriend at the time hadn’t basically signed me up for college against my will, forged my signature, etc. Probably as early as my sophomore year in high school I had an intuition about “the cathedral” and I figured college was more of the same process of creating robot-citizens. This prof changed my mind about that, at least for a time. Sometimes you find a good one. Honestly, Trinity didn’t ask the worst questions, and I think the stereotype is somewhat true that beginner-philosophy is kind of like “high questions” so to speak. For some reason, in a way I didn’t expect, that prof liked my questions and thought I was abnormal, inviting me to other courses of his. One of those was on religion. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time on the internet defending this subdiscipline of philosophy.

I wonder what he would say to me today if I went full “mask-off”. Probably excuse himself from the conversation.

Federal agents have disfigured my arms so I choose to wear longsleeves during the summers, so maybe you couldn’t blame him in a sense. And that’s just one of probably ten things I can think of that are a negative consequence of refraining from Platonistic “reticence”.

If you’re a pothead like Trinity though these thoughts in larval form have probably crossed your mind. “The government”, “the system” – what are the fine details of those?

Weed isn’t even good for philosophy after a couple years of smoking. It’s closer to a psychedelic the first couple years then after that it’s more of just an anti-depressant. Mileage may vary, that’s just my experience. That’s why I always try to remind you that there are substances out there stronger than weed that do facilitate philosophy (if you approach them appropriately).

Anyway, in that philosophy of religion course there were a handful of “stewin’ mad” fundamentalist Christians, and at that time I was someone who smirked at their emotional rage at being asked questions they couldn’t answer. So when I write about the merits of various religions you’re playing yourself if you think I’m not the same person who smirks at fundamentalist Christians. The standard left attitude toward religion reminds me of myself when I was a teenager. Not trying to be insulting, that’s just how it is.

Do you want to know the dark truth? I’m the same person I was then, I just smirk at leftists now!

If you want to keep being that way you can cross your arms and pout.

Yes, you seem like some fundamentalist nutcase. “Why did I find myself in this Philosophy of Religion course? This was a mistake to sign up for that.”

Those fundies probably showed up to that class thinking they were “clad in God’s armor”. No, this prof I’m thinking of could turn people upside-down like it was nothing, and in a peaceful, calm manner.

This is one of the setbacks of the internet I’ve spoken of before. It’s already a type of “virtual reality”. When you “reply” to someone it isn’t like real life at all. I can think of a dozen questions off the top of my head that I could ask some random golem and they’d be frozen like a statue in terror. When they’re on the internet they’re able to hide that better. Not to me at least. Niggers cannot hide what they are. All the signs are there, in most everything they say. Again, at least to me.

If this were a real-life philosophy of religion course would I call them a nigger? Probably not. Them being frozen and unable to answer a question is the equivalent of demonstrating they’re a “nigger”.

So tell me about the Jews. -10,000 screeches about humanzee penises ensues- I asked about the Jews though. This is just a fundamentalist trying to protect their equalist religion by any means necessary.

So what about the Jews then? -SCREECH- In real life that would make you look like one of those crazy Christians.

True philosophy of religion can’t be taught in the US because there are too many irrational people.

Let’s do a thought-experiment. Pretending no one would know your answer, how would you answer the question of your thoughts about the Jews?

“Subhumans are good!” Okay, are you Irish, or a woman or something? That’s the only way I can understand that.

It’s a religion of protecting subhumans, carried out mostly by people who are subhumans themselves.

Okay, now pretend you are that ultra-rational prof of mine- how do you counter?

There might be a way to do it, I’ve just never seen it. Most of the times I notice a “crypto-reader” of mine I think “Yup, it’s another nigger.”

Hey, if you want to look like a fundamentalist Christian in a philosophy class that’s on you.

Fortunately for you, the internet hides how embarrassing you look when you behave that way. If you’re like me and honor the idea that the internet is the New Gutenberg, maybe you should try to stop misusing this technology?

-a white nigger that wants to hide what it is continues to misuse the technology-

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