What is it, 6 years now, since people were traumatized to realize that the word nigger applies to certain human beings in reality?

And how do they react? Out of desperation of course.

They prefer to identify as a nigger rather than scorch the social contract.

They save themselves by identifying with the most wretched.

If even hut-savages are redeemable that means they are redeemable themselves. Sorry, I don’t think people who relate to hut-savages are redeemable.

You’re in a nigger conspiracy. It permeates the bankers and nazis alike.

“I’m not a pleb!” Yeah, you are, hence your scapegoat right now is mocking you in ways you are unable to respond to face to face.

We call that a pussy if you’re a man and a typical woman if you’re a woman.

“Don’t think about stuff, especially us!” What a nigger.

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