America remains a mysterious place to me. I have my own perplexities about it, even after seeing through the typical deceptions.

I don’t even know if I have one reader who can relate to the Normans eyeing the Saxons as potential slaves.

It wasn’t whites vs. blacks in the Civil War, it was whites vs. whites, and one of them saw the other as “plebs”.

How would you feel to raise your children in a “pleb political order”?

I’m not trying to start a controversy, it’s just my own natural mood about it. Why did the Normans think the Saxons were fit-material to be plantation slaves?

I guess it’s too late now, I still wonder.

I hope even my most hateful enemies can see one certain point I’m getting at, which I see as timeless- that war and historiography are closely bound together. Or for the ones in the back, those who kill people are the ones who decide what the living know about the dead ones. “No, a kike isn’t a nigger, noooo it’s not true!” Talk to most jews while having unfiltered awareness and it does seem like a type of nigger.

Lots of people were shot and bombed in order to hide that jews are a type of nigger.

That’s the reality of force, that’s the reality of capital-exploitation.

Can you tell me why I look upon both the left and right and see them as slaves? Why do I “eye” them that way?

“YOU will be the slave, we will put YOU in a gulag for seeing us that way.” And does that change the fact that you seem in every instinct like a nigger?

I already know I don’t have any friends (besides that Esther who keeps emailing me) I just want to understand some things about the country I was born in. Just to cut the euphemism, it is a pro-nigger country. The whites are niggers themselves, the jews are niggers, the browns and blacks are niggers.

“We’ll KILL you if you say that.” Okay, just trying to understand the nature of my country.

“Is this an actual Norman writing this to us?” No, I’m probably something worse. Aristocrats tend to be on auto-pilot. We tend to call those “oligarchs”. I simply like to read books by aristocrats. I’ve suggested to you very many of them now, and have you read them?

Is that a Saxon? Is that a Jew? Is that an aristocrat on auto-pilot? I think the chief mark of the pleeb is that they don’t have the attention-span to read aristocratic writers.

Do you even know what’s going on here? Nietzsche is so boring to me, I hope you understand that.

“The rabble-revolt never ended, we need to continue!” Nasty orc.

You probably can’t even read a road-sign if it has more than 70 characters.

“I’m for a motto, a saying, that’s my politics.”

Let’s just segue out of this.

I started this post thinking about “the good of the POC”.

Do you “POC” prefer a different label? I suspect you do.

Da Killas

No, you still haven’t read a book if that is your instinctual response.

I said the other day I feel One with the squirrels. So obviously I think of you much more highly.

“And not highly enough!”

I’m a fair person. When you prove to me you are not a nigger then I will believe it.

Feel like stabbing me with a spear? Okay, then we’re still in the jungle.


“How Mr. Nazi Man can I do that?” Be a Nazi.

The best path for humanity itself is if blacks turn against the jews.

“I can’t fight the jews, please don’t put that burden on me.” Are you still living in the south? Need some cornbread and okra?

At least I’ll say this on the internet. Try to talk to POC in real life and even worse things will happen for you.

“Hey Jamal, I think I know what could help guide you toward the light of God.”

Sheeit wyboi! I keeel you!

No, POC need to be directed toward the light of God.

That is NOT the way the Jews are directing them.

How do you even interpret this very “message” to you? In 99% of cases you read it through “Jewish contacts”.

I have more hope in black people than any of the jews’ niggers.

We want this monkey to be educated? I have a better plan for that than the jews’ niggers do.

It is best for you to study Nigeria. They are doing better than American blacks there.

“I hate you too much to trust your advice, sorry.” I’m the one who knows better than the Jews, so I guess you’re failing your own people then.

They keep this out of bookform by the way because on the internet only it is forgettable and then they can keep you as another jewslave on the niggerfarm.

“We need to forget this!”

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