I’m going to talk about something unexpected. So just try not to fly off the handle. Harry Potter. I think the HP phenomenon from an abstracted point of view can teach us a lot of things.

This is me being “subversive” by talking about this. You have to realize the context of a handful of years ago when every liberal related politics to the HP universe, and reactionaries found this cliche to the point of nausea.

I’m just going to state the matter directly- HP is too good. It’s too soon to grasp.

The reason allusions to it were so ubiquitous in political discourse was because it shaped a generation of people. Even if they left HP behind they’re still the same people that were shaped by it. I include myself.

I remember when I first started reading HP, my cousin’s family took me with them on their vacation to Tennessee and they were very upset with me because they took me there because they wanted me to keep my cousin company, and all I could do was read HP.

At least in terms of children’s “poetry”, it’s the best.

I never read the 7th book, I think because I was too old at the time it was published. IIRC I moved from HP to T. A. Barron’s Chronicles of Merlin series. It was good and all, just didn’t hit the same. Not at all. HP is TOO GOOD!

I hope we’re mature enough to distance from the liberals being cliche about it. Thinking of Trump as Voldemort, that makes me laugh. Clearly I am Voldemort, anyway.

This is interesting to me because I like to understand Poetry and its relation to society.

The liberals were a mythologically-inclined people. That’s why it was their go-to allusion. The reactionaries were demythologically-inclined.

I don’t know how many times I have to say that ART is not paintings! It can be young adult books too. HP is definitely art, hate to break it to both the left and right alike.

What is the controversy these days, that Rowling is a TERF or anti-TERF? TERF is one of those things I’ve never looked up and don’t plan to.

What I do know is that from off the reservation Rowling is a legitimate feminist icon, of the highest tier. So whatever she says you should probably hear her out.

Could a man write HP? I don’t know. It’s too good!

On the other hand it’s emblematic of postwar literature, even exemplifying postwar literature I’d say.

They even made Harry a jewish actor in the movies, try to not be so obvious?

All the younger generations of males want to sleep with Hermione, more than perhaps any other fictional character. Don’t ask me how I know that, you can take my word or not.

Clicked a random study, this is how it begins

For decades, books and films on Harry Potter and his friends have dominated our early education in politics.

The boy who lived, the wizarding school, the dark arts. No, poetry is political through and through.

Rowling owns your mind in ways you probably don’t even know. THAT is what I call a “witch”.

Philosophy of religion, philosophy of art, I fight you to try to show you things most aren’t aware about. Art is not paintings, and art is not “neutral”.

From a cynical perspective, HP is a “brainwashing program”.

Are you able to put your gripes aside, lean back, and appreciate the glory of the HP universe? It’s too close to us to see. I think it possesses a splendor that is difficult to beat even among “universes” aimed at adults.

It’s an allegory about esotericism.

Yeah it’s unfortunate that in the series “the good guys” like me are the bad guys like Malfoy. I try to be impartial and appreciate–frankly–masterpieces even if I have strong aversions to structural details.

Guess what? Until the Right can create a HP, they suck.

It is the necessity of necessities to be in control of the education of the youth. If you cannot be the autocrat of the Department of Education then you need to take to independent endeavors instead. This is what Rowling did.

Was it deliberate do you think?

Potter books position themselves well to teach politics to people at early stages in life, when lessons can be highly influential and enduring. This seems intended by author J. K. Rowling, for politics are central also to her later novels for adults.

Something kind of juicy to reflect on I think is that outside of her books (when she’s not speaking through a character) you can tell Rowling is a person. You can’t say that about most women. She’s just an intelligent woman. Don’t shoot the messenger, okay?

Don’t get me wrong though, she’s done unspeakable damage to our culture.

Can it be blamed on her that London is majority mudpeople now?

No, it can’t be blamed on her. Women don’t have autonomy, they are followers. It can be blamed on British men that she is the way she is and decided to design a beautiful allegory that annihilates Being. Talk about “the dark arts”. Well, with a Demiurge running things, you CAN expect a series like HP.

It almost makes the room spin when you reflect on the history of England.

Your friendly neighborhood grifter isn’t going to teach you that history. Nor are they going to teach you what Plato REALLY would have thought of the poets of the modern day.

HP is similar to Breaking Bad in that I finally feel like I’m talking to everyone directly when I discuss it. No one reads Ovid, they don’t know what’s going on with him.

Again, don’t get me wrong- I’m mostly talking to the right here and trying to make the case that HP deserves an ambivalent relation. The reason it was able to shape a generation is because it is GREAT.

Dumbledore, Hagrid, Snape, Sirius, the list goes on and on. How did Rowling do it?

HP is a mindfuck beyond what we can understand, that’s my only point here.

Leave it to a woman to cause that level of destruction. If they’re taught to read and write is that all they’re capable of? Rowling is definitely a “bioleninist” by the way. I’d even call her a “Lenin by other means”. And the Revolution eats its own.

So to speak, HP created a generation of “Nevilles” and “Dursleys”.

Excuse my French, a dumb cunt is not Hermione. She only has the confidence of a Hermione, without the smarts.

Do you have any idea what my experience is to read or hear a jew speak? You are not Harry Potter! I would say you’re something closer to Peter Pettigrew, generally. This is the “revaluation of values”. What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good. He-who-should-not-be-named is the true protagonist between-the-lines of the series.

You’re just supposed to look pretty and not write things – how about try that next time?

I almost refrained from saying that, then I laughed at my own joke way too much and just had to–and it’s not a joke either.

Who knows how much it has seeped into our culture. Expelliarmus? The subconscious of leftists probably thinks that when someone is banned.

I’m not going to get into too detailed of an examination here, I just wanted you to contemplate why Plato would’ve thought that beautiful rhetoric was thee enemy of the Republic.

Every single type of “political hack” you can think of is a type of Rowling. They cause you to believe in falsehoods or half-truths in a persuasive way.

You can hate me all you want- what I don’t like is manipulators. Most people are manipulators. There’s a very high possibility that you are already the product of manipulators.

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