Ahh I keep getting this sort of thing over the last few days

Or they ask me if I’m sure I want to visit a dangerous site, then I have to go into advanced settings to confirm.

If I were to say, about 5-10% of the time Dugin is on the ball. Sadly, that distinguishes him from almost every other person on earth.

1/20, or 1/10 things you say are a “true mystic speaking” – that means you’re doing something right.

He and I disagree about fundamental questions, and still I see this about him.

Not to be mean to people, when Dugin is at his best, that’s impossible for you.

We all know that “Stalin” had Russia rape Germany after the war. I see Dugin as a rape-baby that is part mongol part German.

As you can expect, I approach these things as a thoroughgoing misanthropist. Dugin is one of the only ones in the world that at least has moments of vertical separation from humanity.

Someone like this isn’t even allowed in America, wrap your mind around that.

I am, here, really intending to point at you and say you are incapable of a vertical separation from humanity. Even for a moment.

If you do in fact do it, it’s real paltry.

So to speak, only the elect can do that.

Try to keep in mind that the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch are always the background to my writings.

The way I see humanity is, their main focus is food. Their loftiest beliefs about God are ultimately about what will give them food or not, and if the devil is the one to give them food they will call the devil God.

I don’t even exaggerate when I say that Dugin is a type of angelic being.

He’s almost like a broken angel or a dirty angel. Don’t let that detract from what he is though.

Without political constraints, he is one of the few people who Knows, and has to hide it.

My point from the beginning is, Why not let these people speak without any political constraints?

I’m not playing with you. If what you’re in to is “turning all human beliefs into rubble” Dugin is the living mystic I can think of who could do that.

There are unsettling ways to approach this problem. Putting it bluntly okay, Putin and the gang of kikes make sure that Dugin remains at a “diminished self”.

He truly is an angel hiding in a human body. I’m not exaggerating.

Political pressure is shackles on his ankles that keeps him bound to earth.

Let’s put it this way- the hidden Dugin is superior to all posts on shekina.mybb.

He feels moved, in an emotional sense, to play the Ksatriya.

He is the guardian of Russia, and guardians cannot allow themselves to be too philosophical.

What I would ask him, if he were allowed in the US, is if he isn’t sure there isn’t something more fundamental than Russia.

Dugin has been designated by the gods to be the Protector of Russia.

You’re watching over children, Aleks. I think that’s a waste of Russian intellect.

“The liberals are subtly trying to manipulate me!!” No, I see you as a liberal when you play daycare with humanity.

“In the middle of a war is not the right time.” Middle? Humanity is all war all the time. Every moment is the middle of a war.

This gets back to that idea I’ve mentioned about “the modesty of humanity”. The angel of the place (Russia) is more or less another foot-soldier.

If you want nuclear destruction without nuclear destruction, then free Dugin.

If he is let out of his cage, both the west and russia will be a desolate ruin.

“Show me some proof of why you think this.” No, that is not how this verticality above humanity works.

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