There’s a technical subdiscipline on this if you’re more inclined to read academese

Right-wing white men rarely even have it, let alone others

One of the most basic and important distinctions we draw is between those entities with the capacity of agency and those without.

Just trying to help!

It’s not my fault if you’ve ever felt shamed by a NAZI.

So here are 42 chapters on what it means to have agency.

How much I care about you, wow

‘Agency’ is a term of art. Its meaning and use might be discovered by reading and studying this volume.

Do contributors to Routledge Handbooks possess agency – that’s another question.

You can’t make this stuff up. We live in a world of black women pretty much. (No offense.) I just suggest you use your own.. agency to synthesize what these scholars say with banned subjects.

“I have agency, watch, I’ll prove it!!” I’ve been waiting for that for a long time and… I’m still waiting.

A moment of agency is sometimes possible here and there. Consistent agency is another story.

There are degrees of this of course. If the guiding theme here, Neoplatonism, causes you to cope then strictly speaking I’m not sure if you do possess agency. That’s just a smoking robot or a fanged wild animal.

Again, just trying to help. If you are a woman, POC, or modest normie, haven’t you wondered why there are those who doubt whether you have agency or not? So here is a “What is…?” study on the subject.

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