So much secretiveness. When I was young I never could have expected so much secretiveness. Who is your imagined audience when you write? I imagine the rabble is both of ours, except with me I’m trying to throw a brick at its head in order to kill it. I regret particularly that younger women have read me, because I can only expect that Neoplatonism causes them brain damage. I’m trying to talk to mature people here. Where are those? I don’t know. This is the other side of who I take to be the one I’m writing for though. It’s not a person. In most cases I am writing to an Idea. This is similar to how Lacan “accused” philosophers of sublimating romance through the pursuit of truth. It’s that way with friendship too. I don’t write to an existing humanity, I write to an idealized humanity.

It’s probably so abstract and blurry you can’t quite make it out- WHO is the one you write for? What are they like?

One hypocrisy of mine I admit is that I have to hide my personality in real life in order to survive. The thing is, I was doxxed years ago, and I continue to do “this”, and I’m still alive.

Honestly the main things that drive me are romance and friendship in the non-philosophical sense. I speak to an idealized humanity because I want to have a real talk with actual people.

“There are little girls in the room that could be hurt by what you say.” Wait, there’s a Jew in the room?

Little girls like their dollies, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. Before they’re brainwashed by the state they already know that their destiny is to be a mother. It’s only “hurtful” after they’re taught the false expectation of feminism.

Or let’s move to another segment of society- to clarify my meaning about Nigeria the other day, you have to presuppose that suffering is required for dignity. Is Nigeria a paradise? No, not at all. Do African-Americans have a place to go where they wouldn’t be babysat by whites? Yes, lots of places. It would be tough. That’s the price you pay for dignity. I think of that scene from Godfather when Michael Corleone visits Sicily for the first time, and it’s a peasant village. I’d rather live there and make do than live under ZOG. Unfortunately there are still American troops in Italy. The question of the zog-status of Nigeria is for another day. My point to any black readers though is that at least there you aren’t treated like a child, and can have your own society.

“They treat us like a child?” No fucking shit. This is the smoke and mirrors of the US. All the different “questionable” sorts are treated like children. The CHOSEN PEOPLE itself is treated like children. Makes you think.

It confuses me to look at all this, because I always expect people to be similar to me in wanting a mature woman. And it’s enforced that we treat them all like children.

So, I try to kindle the ideal in people. I have no doubt that at this moment there is a Jew reading this who is “in private similar to Israel Shamir”.

Do tell? My good friend? No… a Jew is always a Jew even if they are a Shamir.

Would you say that makes them genetically determined or just simply determined?

And so what to do about that? I think there are parallels to be drawn between the Nigeria and Israel cases.

You can trust a dumb goy as far as you can throw him, right? I for one can somewhat fathom the designs of the Zionist Jews in control of it all, and I actually agree with them that the only way Jews will finally have redemption after centuries of exile is if they do indeed return to Israel.

Their time in the US is just another replay of the sin of the Golden Calf.

Before they can rule the world properly they need to learn how to rule their own country properly.

I think this explains a hidden side of the Christian Zionists too. They know all these things about the Jews and they’re quiet about them.

“Is my laugh so quiet when I imagine you dying under a bridge?” No, I guess it’s not.

To return to something earlier today, the question does revolve around agency. The many many people with limited agency are in cahoots with each other. This isn’t the way Being is supposed to work. The Buddha is right that the goal is the liberation of all beings. With the plan of the ones with limited agency, the liberated ones are annihilated.

So what’s your goal here?







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