Talking about current events isn’t white noise static at all urt urt urt

Why am I seemingly the only reactionary that slonks matzo?

The Baal Shem Tov is the approximate equivalent of George Washington for.. my favorite people.

The standard debate about the nature of Hasidism is between Buber and Scholem. Idel wrote a book a few years ago that tries to synthesize their views.

Not to get sidetracked- can you imagine if a woman was like me? She’d be so hot, just sayin. “Let’s talk about the George Washington of the crime family that is annihilating being.” Yeah right, these hoes are way too “humble” for that. They’re soggy matzo themselves, how could they possibly consume it in order to study it?

There are layers and layers toward not being a dumb goy

a Christian-like picture of Kabbalah emerged since the late fifteenth century in Christian Kabbalah, especially in the sixteenth century with Johann Reuchlin; it was mediated by the nineteenth-century thinker Franz Molitor, and adopted then by Gershom Scholem, who later on also transferred it to his understanding of Hasidism.

Even their top scholars are confused about the ~200 years between the mid-1700s and mid-1900s.

And around the mid-1900s, so many of my favorite people migrated to the country I live in.

“Blank slate! Blank slate! Get out of jail free card!” Nope, the blank slate is bogus. What were they like for those 200 years within the horizon of the final Lurianic movement known as Hasidism?

This is definitely not a good sign in Idel’s case

A “Venetian” then “German” banker family. Aby, the brother of the mastermind behind the federal reserve, founded a cultural institute which Idel recurrently pays homage to. No one is raising an eyebrow about THAT, don’t worry Mr. Idel. Reminds me of how Tishby won the Rothschild Prize. The most prominent scholars of the secret tradition of the Jews…

Also reminds me of how some of my favorite dumb cunts have openly posted their affiliation with certain banks. I know honey, you’re bought and sold.

You can’t say I’m not pro-diversity, because I’m always bringing women and Jews into the discussion!

sigh Why do I have to pay for roasting you even though I am the righteous one? You can make it up to me by running away with me.

“Run away with who? The Jews?” Yeah let’s run away together to China and bang their civilization for all it’s worth, it’s on my bucket-list to join the kike mafia.

Women, Jews, leftists, all way too over-serious to joke around about any of this. I see it as a lack of innate freewill.

Anyway, even if Idel is a “Warburgian” he’s the best we’ve got

Before articulating bombastic generalizations about the nature of Hasidic thought, it would be better to be acquainted with the formative layers of what will later become a movement—the traditions of the Besht and his followers—and be capable to see what is more or less important in the general economy of this vast literature, namely to be able to speak about statistical density as a factor that displays the relative weight of the conceptual centers of gravity.

There are just so many simpletons out there I’m not sure if anyone else feels like that McMahon gif when they read something like this. Ukraine is such “playing in a sandbox” material.

There it is

to study the place of elitist magic, unlike the more popular one that has been discussed previously and again in some of the appendices, as well as astrology, harm the analyses of the Besht, inclined as he was to a Saturnine complex

Kabbalistic secondary literature is littered with winks like this. They print money and use it to brainwash the goyim to believe they’re Saints, thus most will read the above as something innocent. Don’t let the fantasy genre (HP, LOTR, etc.) confuse you about this- as odd as it is to say, the Jews’ version of George Washington was a type of magician. If you want to do some digging on the above quote, Idel (strangely) cites pages 186-187 of this book of his.

Given that women are more astrologically-inclined I think this is something they could take in engaging directions if they weren’t slaves

The Besht is mostly known through his disciples’ writings. Idel himself believes this accurately reflects the Besht’s beliefs.

Even someone like me who doesn’t subscribe to astrology at all feels somewhat disturbed when connections between the Jews and Saturn are noted by scholars of Kabbalah. It’s just another one of those telling signs that Jews are a breed of Satanist. And while they won’t admit it to a goy, I can sense that some random Jew reading this probably doesn’t disagree with that.

Idel is saying this, it’s not some Nazi trying to smear their George Washington

as part of a rather chaotic web of teachings surrounding the figure of the Besht, we may conclude that he not only identified himself with the glorious king [David] and thus with a messianic mission, but also with the Messiah as related to Sabbatai, namely the planet of Saturn.

From my research at least, it appears that certain elements of Sabbateanism/Saturnianism were smuggled into Hasidism.

For my neech-freek readers, this is another way of speaking of the Jewish revaluation of values as described in the Genealogy. Saturn is not the Sun. It is a dark planet that they historically worshiped and identified with. When you choose to be a golem you are joining them in this worship. I’m a Sun-worshiper myself.

Not creepy at all

when a person prepares himself for that, for example to receive the power and the spiritual force of the planet Saturn, he would dress [in] black and he would wrap himself in black [clothes]… Then the power and the spiritual force of the above-mentioned planet will pour upon the person.

It’s too easy to call them a “goblin race”.

Idel has a whole book devoted to Saturn and the Jews remember

Aby Warburg himself was preoccupied by this theme.

Do Sun-worshipers print our currency?

Hmmm I am going to have to do research on this first one

if Saturn and Melancholy is the peak of research carried out at the Warburg Institute, Sabbatai Sevi is the peak of Scholem’s academic enterprise, and Sabbateanism constitutes the topic of almost half of Scholem’s scholarly writings. Thus, though thematically unaware of each other, the authors of the two monographs dealt brilliantly, and independently, with [this] conceptual structure

Idel says that the referenced Warburgian study above is helpful for understanding Scholem’s Sabbatean studies. To what extent do you think a mood like melancholy explains our egregore? That’s a subtlety I admit I haven’t thought about too much. I usually see anger and hatred there rather than sadness. The pensive Jew rather than the cunning Jew. I can see it.

One of the most well-known Marxists, Walter Benjamin, said he was born under the sign of Saturn, which he calls

the star of the slowest revolution, the planet of detours and delays

“Why can’t we all be castrated and mudpeople TODAY???” What else is “revolution” to leftist jews? So melancholic we aren’t all nigger women RIGHT NOW! Only some species of Satanist would cry about that.

Idel just says this like it’s nothing

In principle, Benjamin and Scholem are not so different from the medieval figures who regarded Saturn as the planetary genius of Israel.

I invite you to think of Plato in this context

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