1951 letter from Evola to Schmitt – why out of anything was he interested in this?

I would also have to ask you one thing: could you possibly procure for me a copy of your new writing on Donoso Cortes?

Is it even in English yet? I’m not finding it. It’s regarding the defense of autocracy. Apparently this Spaniard anticipated our Age of the Masses–which he saw as a form of totalitarianism–and proposed a solution to avoid it.

This 2012 article says it’s not in English

It’s only recently I’ve had the thought to read the correspondences between my favorite writers – I’ve turned up lots of gold that way.

Honestly I want to keep writing about Saturn but I know people see it too much as “woowoo occult shit”. No… I think there’s something real there.

Anyway, Cortes influenced Schmitt in his writings on the Decision. All liberals do is have an endless conversation. For them, the King decides, and the conversation is over.

Contemplate this in terms of “mirror world”. We ALREADY have an autocrat that decides. That autocrat is the Sabbatean Saturn-worshipers. The Autocrat has Decided that we will not have a conversation about the Saturn-worshipers.


I will chop your fucking head off on the internet. Actually I already have. I hope you enjoyed it, nigger.

Saturn-worship is outlawed. It is Decided.

Wouldn’t you like an autocrat to do that?

Just a preliminary glance at real-world applications of a letter Evola sent to Schmitt.

Here is a good article on Cortes.

What is this, Christmas, Evola?

in the political sphere, the King laid down the law. In this view, conflict cannot be negotiated away and must be dealt with in a more primal way. This was always recognized. For example, Dante recognized the duel as the ultimate arbiter. Joseph de Maistre praised the Executioner as the hidden force behind order.

Normans can have all kinds of “laughs” together on the internet, can’t we?

So, Cortes lived in the first half of the 1800s. Already at that time in Spain the “king” existed in name only. He sought to usher in what he called a “man of destiny” to end the conversation.

Let’s try one out here. Most people don’t have any integrity at all and that is mostly due to the fact that they have no agency. That’s a conversation I want to be over, because it’s plainly obvious that it’s true. I don’t care about their opinions or their “votes” for anything- they’re a bunch of niggers. Feed them to the pigs before you give them a say in anything, their screams will be the screams of automata. Saturn-worshiper lives don’t matter. They ruin everything good with their dirty blood that was forged in the furnace of generations of sin. If you’re too squeamish to sentence them all to death I will do it for you personally.

Sorry salty kike, you’re a nigger! Keep making excuses!

I will chop your head off with an axe while wearing a hazmat suit so that I don’t get any of your filthy gypsy blood on me.

The Decision needs to be made, for the sake of the world. The Jewish people need to be erased from the face of the earth. Not even Shamir gets to stay in a zoo cage afterward. All of them gone. Problem solved. The Demiurge has been defeated.

I don’t know how many times I have to tell you how PALPABLE it’s been over the last few years how ape-like people are being made. The Autocrat has Decided that you are to be a third-world ape. It’s a NOTICEABLE change, witnessed within a few years. So imagine a few decades from now. Whoa, how proud someone must be to wake up as a spiritual nigger woman. THAT’S living with dignity!

Way before we were born this was baked into the cake

Cortes is known for giving speeches after those revolutions.

The sickening-mob-as-tyrant

The greatest evil for normal societies is tyranny–which [Cortes] calls ‘omnipotencia social’–as it divides society into two opposing classes, tyrants and slaves. But dictatorship is not to be identified with tyranny and may be justified as an extraordinary measure in weak or fledgling societies. Furthermore, it is actually a necessity in those cases in which revolution has destroyed the very fabric of society.

Don’t worry my dear friend, it’s just hyperstition. Jewish people totally don’t have a Saturn-worshiper vibe, and a New Autocracy to wipe them out totally isn’t possible at all. No reason to feel “sweaty and paranoid” when visiting this site, my dear friend.

Anyway, zooming out for a second, isn’t it humorous that Evola sent that letter to Schmitt in the year 1951? “I think you’re thinking what I’m thinking.”

And the Jews reading this are thinking, “And in no time at all both Germany and Italy will be 100% people with no agency.” I mean, insofar as no equivalents of Schmitt or Evola are alive today, it already is that way.

This is an understatement

the government now possesses `a million arms’ (army), `a million eyes’ (police), and `a million ears’ (bureaucracy), even arriving at a simulacrum of God’s ubiquity

How many golems exist? Pretty sure it’s more than a million. Objectively wastes of precious life.

Anyway, it’s good to discover this Spaniard, I don’t know of many with my temperament. Ideally we need to isolate one representative like this from each and every country of Europe, in order to unite against the niggerkike menace.

Warring against a billion people with trillions of dollars backing them–why do I always feel so alone in this fight? AHAhaha I wonder why.

Someone was talking about this in the mid-1800s??

the approaching death of the modern European world civilization and the birth of a new Middle Age

You ever notice that, not to toot my own horn, not many people write like I do? That is a symptom of civilization already being gone. Look around you at all the retarded cowards – Orcworld is already here. An autocrat is the only solution if you want to reverse this “disappearance of the human”.

You happen to google and find this work of Schmitt’s though? “The Perfect Library” is the middleman between us and getting an autocrat.

De Maistre wrote about the French Revolution of 1789-99 and its consequences, Cortes wrote about the Revolutions of 1848 and their consequences, and Schmitt wrote about Weimar and what can be called the 1918 Revolution and its consequences. Separated by 60 years and 70 years, respectively. Somewhere around 70 years after the 1918 Revolution who is our Cortes? Probably anons mostly, I’d have to say.

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