Reflecting on something I said the other day about how despite the relative freedom the Iranians have access to, they’re limited by the fact that they don’t tend to incorporate western wisdom as zealously as some of us, and I’m led to.. a Jew actually. From their millennia of secrecy they have a knack for esotericism. Christians Muslims Jews are all obnoxious in their own ways, and they also all have their strengths, and I try to put their strengths together. I of course have in mind Leo Strauss. Pout about it if you want, the fact is that he and his students are at times able to speak on a higher level than most people, anons included.

Here’s just a random example

Hobbes’s teaching was still much too bold to be acceptable. It, too, was in need of mitigation. The mitigation was the work of Locke.

The optics grifters do not talk about optics, as a rule. This means they by nature proceed with a lack of self-reflection.

Looking at the above quote again, consider how it can be applied to Strauss himself. Strauss is Hobbes in that scenario. In the hands of a “nazi” you can get really bold with Strauss’s thought. I’ve shown you a few times now, and you’ve probably forgotten because it is not for mortals to keep in their minds. Strauss was a peak Kabbalahbrain that was put under the spell of the Greeks, Germans, etc.- basically an “inverse golem”.

Supposing that Locke was a central influencer of our Founding Fathers, what implications could there be if he truly represented a mitigation of Hobbes? Was America, then, founded on illusions? What else could mitigation mean in this context? If a country is founded on the mitigation of someone who more accurately reflects reality, the country is going to be founded on illusions. If a country is founded on illusions do you expect it to function optimally, especially in the long-term? The Founders were influenced by other thinkers besides Locke, I’m just using this example to make a point about today’s illusion-distributors.

“It’s just a mitigation, it’s not illusions!” Humanzees do tell themselves that, I know they do.

I might add though that the chief theorist of the Old South, George Fitzhugh, was a staunch anti-Lockean. “Not this again!!!!” My Saxon grandpa, at least, is remembered as someone who didn’t tolerate bullshitters, so it’s not all of them.

It’s kind of chilling to think that the main owners of slaves in the US weren’t “whites” per se, they were mostly Normans and Jews. And now Normans are de facto extinct, and the Jews moved North and West…

The Saxons and their light-haired cousins are still not enough of a slave-race for them. It’s a concerted effort to return to the conditions of the Old South. “Blasphemy!” Yup, the jews are saints, okay negro. “I’d never sell my own children off into slavery.” What do you think being a golem is? Anyone who “mitigates” me is a golem. When I first read that quote my thought was, “Damn, why can’t someone be MORE EXTREME than me for a change?” Nah, they’re all mitigators, illusionists. Willers-of-negrotude.

Does it give you pause at all that when I say these things I’m musing on the towering Jewish esotericist of recent times?

Unlike the pleb-brains we “spiritual Normans” both understand the Jews AND disagree with them. The plebs can do neither. How’s that old slave-song go? Swinggg lowww, sweeeet chariotttt.

Ahaha I wonder why everyone wants me to die alone after I told them that one time they wear an upside-down fried chicken bucket with eyeholes cut-out on their head and I want to hit them with a baseball bat. I mean, do you blame me?

Heh, the Autocrat has Decided the Conversation is Over

How do divine commands take their place? It would seem that God takes the place of philosophers in the giving of regimes and nomoi. If God can do this for man, it is unclear why human beings should feel any need to study politics proper.

Politics proper isn’t going to be learned from a leftist, a “Lockean”, or an optics grifter. They’re part of the same autocratic control of sucking whipped cream off wiggling jewish toes.

Natures are natures. I’d rather die in a ditch than be one of you. And I’m even getting to that point to prove it! Enjoy this spectacle as it lasts, because you won’t see this from the blob-future of jews plebs browns (they don’t care about sacrificing oneself for the truth).

I’m drawing from a Parens book at the moment by the way- he’s one of the more direct Straussians. Though how direct does THIS look without a guide?

if the Torah insinuates that revelation makes political science obsolete, then the Torah must be essentially political.

I challenge some anon to get on this level. “What level?” If I have to explain it at this point you’re never going to get it.

Norman-souls pulling the carpet out from under jews and making them look stupid, like it’s nothing. That’s why they want us all dead. You could just, like, have… honor?? and not need to rely on an.. invisible.. scapegoat.. ?? Oh never mind, niggerjews have no honor. And of course in this context it’s obviously demonstrated that kikes and their goy creations are exactly the same.

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