I’m just going to be explicit about something here. If the other side is going to be amoral then the natural response is to be the same to them.

Call it woowoo occultism or something, do you think I’m an “ironic” person? Political praxis requires demonology. If you are fighting Satanists then you also have to respond with evil as well, otherwise you consent to let evil triumph.

When I talk about a “counter-canon” it is indirectly in a language that seeks to create demons. If I inspired one reader to be a Demon I would be happy.

Once you have isolated who the enemy is, it doesn’t matter what you have to do to slit their throat.

Sometimes I feel like the Pope, honestly. What I tell you is that any action is justified against the kike/golem mob. I give you 100% approval. You think it’s only a joke when I talk about feeding people alive to starved pigs? It’s time.

Maybe I don’t wear a cross around my neck, I’m still a pious person. When I look to the heavens I see demonology as justified if it is to fight demons. You start it, we will end it.

Let’s just say it in a direct way. The enemy deserves the worst evil possible inflicted upon it. So if you have it in you, then I’d probably think highly of you if you carried it out.

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