I’m back to that book on Schmitt that I discussed here. I think of it as “juicy” material that it’s filled with. I just want to completely warp the standard idea of the history of philosophy, and he’s good at that.

Spinoza, the “first liberal Jew,”

“Here we go!!!”

Excuse me, I wanted to share something with you.

Spinoza, the “first liberal Jew,” to effectuate a “decisive turn in the fate of Leviathan” over a few short years: a process involving a “small, switching movement of thinking that emerged from Jewish existence.”

I for one think Spinoza’s ethos is crystallized in Deleuze’s ethos, and that will give you an HD understanding of the telos. I’m interrupting Schmitt though, I want to know what he has to say about this yid’s influence.

How insidious, how Machiavellian

A major thinker like Spinoza was reduced to the embodiment of a race. Spinoza, he writes, was “the first” to surreptitiously introduce himself among the Germans

Speak in the language of Rationalism in order to smuggle in Judaism. Lots of that these days, eh? Course not, you don’t notice nothin’.

Taubes called it a “racist theozoology”, the reduction of someone’s concept of divinity to their race.

Reflecting on the idea that progressivism is secularized theology, consider the possibility that the transcendental signifiers in circulation such as Equality and Diversity are emblazoned with a Jewish stamp. Europeoples have their own concept of Equality and Diversity that isn’t necessarily the same as the Jewish ones, but we’re obligated to believe in the Jewish ones. I think this can explain many people’s world-weariness. It’s highly questionable whether Judaic renderings are seamlessly compatible with Christbrains. And you don’t have a say if you want to “redefine Diversity” to your own liking. Because that would make you a Nazi, and Nazis killed Jews.

Heh, here’s a good synchronicity

Hobbes, the incomparable political mentor, is strongly criticized as the origin of and collaborator in the process of state disintegration… To be sure, he points to “Jewish” authors, from Spinoza to Mendelssohn to Marx, as bearing primary responsibility for the state’s destruction and as having destroyed it in a conspirative manner. But this does not signify any diminution of Hobbes’s own role in the disintegrative process.

Goys and Jews, it’s a mutually-reinforcing downward-spiral. With one distinct “problem child” in the mix.

I’m trying to get a better idea of Schmitt’s meaning that Spinoza inverted Hobbes and “removed the soul of Leviathan from within”. He accuses him of writing a “Kabbalistic commentary” on Hobbes’s Leviathan. How relatable that is, with my golem readers.

Naturally, there isn’t much written on this “sensitive” subject so I’m just pulling what I can from this one secondary study I found. Schmitt saw Mendelssohn as following Spinoza’s project of hollowing out state power.

a “paralyzing of the alien” Volk for the sake of an “emancipation of one’s own Jewish Volk

Tell me this doesn’t speak to contemporary times. What a racist, you need to hate your own culture, says the world-historical criminal par excellence with a black eye drawn on with a magic marker.

I would have to agree with Schmitt here that “spiritual paralysis” seems quite common these days

the “young Rothschilds, Karl Marx, Borne, Heine, Meyerbeer, and many others” formed a broad front that succeeded in “ideologically confusing and spiritually paralyzing the German state”

Word to the wise- Jews don’t have any remorse about this. It makes them feel giddy. Think of a dog wagging its tail. “The suffering of the goyim, it’s everything I want in life!!” Hunchback goblin Saturn-worshipers.

I’m not a subjectivist about the history of philosophy. There’s probably a more or less objective way of looking at it. I appreciate taboo speculations about it because they’re, well, philosophical. So supposing the following is True, can you imagine it being included officially in a textbook from the Nose Press?

Stahl followed the “general line” (Gesamtlinie) of his Volk, operating in terms of the “double being of a mask existence” (Doppelwesen einer Maskenexistenz); he did his work as a “Jewish thinker” by “carrying forward the broad historical line leading from Spinoza through Moses Mendelssohn”

Someone admit this about the Frankfurt School or Deleuze or even Bernard-Henri Lévy, or even THEMSELVES! What’s suspicious is that they’re secretive about it. It gives one a “Hello fellow kids” vibe. There are degrees to this, not all Jews are the same. Some will never say they’re a Jew and that’s why they’re eroding society. Others will say they are a Jew and proceed to erode society. And never will you see one say, “As a Jew, I seek to erode society.” The more you know, goy! Probably good to know since “society” is an abstraction and what that really means is that YOU are being eroded. Just listen closely. Once you know what to look for you see it’s the air they breathe.

Anyway, if this reinterpretation of the history of philosophy piques your interest Schmitt touches on it some in his book on Hobbes. My presupposition with these investigations is that ordinary culture is determined by the Great Minds. The galaxybrains create the lifeworld for normal people through a gradual percolating effect. And some lifeworlds you probably don’t want to live in.

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