You know how I keep saying the only reason I talk to you at all is because I put myself in the delusion that you’re not a nigger? Here I am talking to you so I guess I’m in the delusion again.

I don’t know who’s been disappeared over the years and continues to tune in here that I don’t know about so I mostly write to you. Anyone in public, there’s a 99.99% chance it’s a nigger.

So friend, I think this explains many things about what’s going on “in society”

In other words, the first lie in our standard Mythos is that jews haven’t historically seen us as animals. The next lie is that since the holocaust they haven’t seen us as even LESS than animals. It explains lots of things.

Treating us as animals that they could be immoral to was the cause of the holocaust, and afterward they now are even more immoral toward us.

Don’t have much hope in the jewed-goys at the moment- if you’re interested, the above quote is from this essay which is “right out in the open” more than next to anything I’ve seen in an academic format.

My main point here is that there are three distinct types of people in the world today. The jews, the goyim, and those who don’t relate to either of them.

Let’s just state the reality- EUROPEOPLES ARE A BUNCH OF NIGGERS

No, I don’t want to be in a little club with you APE

From what I can tell, the best option–from the Fermi Paradox perspective–is to simply euthanize all the apes of the world, even if there are only 100,000 people left, and then use technology to create superhuman clones in the billions.

-an ape reading this- “I dunno if I like da sound a dat!” I know nigger!

Why am I here, years of proof that Earth is already a dead planet.

“Only delusion makes us worth talking to.”

No, I sometimes see an ember in certain people. Not much. It’s the delusion it will ever be more than an ember. It’s contained within a permanently weak human being.

The farce of that recent “replacement theory” shooter is that the replacement has already taken place. YOU ARE A BUNCH OF NIGGERS ALREADY

That’s it. The court is adjourned. It’s already over. You already have the brain of someone foraging in a jungle and hunting with a spear. You just happen to be doing it in a technological time with white people buildings around. Cool stuff, I always look forward to watching the National Geographic channel when listening to you talk.

Speaking to the ember here I guess

Even jewish abominations they see as superior to goyim saints.

I sincerely look around and wonder what jews have done to see themselves so highly. What have they done? They administer over a dystopia, so I guess we should give them credit if power for power’s sake has any value. And most “Jewish thinkers” I can think of have only been contributors to the decay. It doesn’t matter if they can’t prove they’ve done anything substantially valuable or not, the point is this is how they see themselves in relation to you. A jewish murderer is superior to a wise goy. That is desert cut-throat mentality if I ever saw it.

Yeah who am I talking to. Jews are one type of animal, goys are another. It’s another day of this and you’re never going to change, nigger. Animals don’t have the capacity to change. They eat and grunt, no thoughts head empty.

This is just going to piss you off. It isn’t going to cause you to reflect and wonder if you should take a stand against all the animals like I do. No, you stand with the animals, because you are truly a nigger without a soul. The diagnosis is confirmed. And why do you “hate nazis”? Because they see this about you, and you know they’re right.

Replacement theory? HAHA! That already happened. It is a nigger that reads this. Oh you have white skin? Well if you have the attention-span of a child I do wonder if that really matters very much. If you flatter kikes, whether subtly or not, you already have been replaced by a nigger. That’s you, are you proud? I’ve been studying America for a while now and I see next to no evidence the person reading this isn’t very likely some species of baboon.

The sign is if you get angry at ME for saying it. You could just say “You’re right, I hate all these apes.” No, you can’t hate something you are.

So be happy, we all live in a zoo without cages now. Can’t you just smell the progress?

Where is the evidence for humanity? I don’t know where to find it. I only find evidence for its nonexistence.

You’re going to read this and probably act even more like a chimpout nigger ape.

Try to step outside your denial for a second and pretend this is true. Is that how you want the world? Someone hating all the apes and then you deciding you want to join the apes instead of hating the apes? What kind of world could that possibly bring about? We’re already living in it, so I guess look around.

One way to understand this is that a minority ascends to a higher rung of evolution and then all the rest are jealous and get murderously angry about it. That’s what a nigger is.

Do I have any black woman readers? Why are you here, chocolate? What to understand about this is that you truly do even have equality with right-wing white men in this regard. It’s a bunch of jealous apes, and some are more mature about it than others. So if YOU don’t want me dead then you’re superior to these lowlives without dignity. Wow, and in this moment a black woman is nobler than some of my other readers – embarrassing!

Remember, it’s the fantasy genre here. A black woman isn’t better than YOU, at this moment.

See, I’m really good at going into this delusion that there’s a point in talking to you all.

None of it’s real, don’t worry! Human extinction isn’t real! It hasn’t already happened!

“Human extinction? Who cares about that?” Certainly not a nigger that wants to be regarded as a human. Are you happy now, the “new human” is a “disgusting animal idiot”.

Like I said, both the left and right are in full agreement about the extinction of the human, they just express it in different ways.

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