The one thing I can’t “forgive” the establishment for I guess is that it punishes joking natures. I just try to have fun basically, and they don’t want you to do that. I see this as the inner-essence of Trump too. It’s amusing that you can’t joke about certain things. Humor seems to precede politics in a way. Put differently, it’s about being relaxed and able to have a free-spirited conversation and laugh at “the rules”.

You can take this telos too far okay, I’ve realized this myself. The internet is a real abstract place though. I think specifically that when you have eye-contact with someone they are able to be their “true self” (if you can bring it out of them). And youtube and the like is only a simulacrum of that. Nothing can replace a face to face encounter.

So in our fallen world we’re left with trying to talk to each other in an unnatural way.

I’m trying to talk to you in a natural way here- if all jews somehow were “killed” it would be better overall for everyone on earth.

How would you respond if you were making eye contact with me?

You can’t do it, so you avoid it.

If you were accused of being a Mossad agent while I looked directly into your eyes, what would you do?

Probably melt.

What I intend to get at here is that both IRL and the internet are completely controlled by the swamp-people.

Some might say that this space you’re reading now is not controlled by them.

You can take my advice or not, maybe “europeoples” are something I genuinely Love. My advice is, when approaching anyone in a “globalized society” to expect them to be a nigger.

Just go through with it and decide to name them. This is a theological discussion by the way. When I address whites I am speaking to God.

“JEWS are the living God!!” Have you ever studied the history of the many countries they lived in?

Over a hundred times in a thousand year period.

“I can be honest in public.” No you can’t. You are necessarily One with the hundreth or so attempt to forge society into the vision of the Demiurge.

Don’t worry, we’re having a mundane conversation about groceries and recipes or something. Talking about God and the Demiurge definitely is a normal conversation to have among strangers. You don’t look crazy if you do that.

Just try it. That’s the most interesting thing I know of. What everyone’s thoughts are on that.

Spoiler, we’ve been having that conversation. Only the demiurge perspectives are allowed to speak. Is there nothing within the demiurge that seeks to criticize itself?

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