Greetings commie rodents of right and left. This is a decent link if you want to pursue the Yiddish literature question.


Why am I universally hated for this?

“It’s because you’re right about them.” NO! There’s at least one out there I want to tie up, duct tape the mouth of, and kidnap. She’d accept it, and then everyone would hate her, and then she’d realize it’s a good thing for everyone to hate her.

No, every last person wants to punish Prometheanism.

Look, it’s not just Bashevis

[Abramovitsh, Peretz, and Sholem Aleichem] created a full gallery of non-Jewish characters and described encounters between them and the Jewish world.

They wrote in Yiddish, not expecting goys to read it, so there’s something “secret” about this.

The linked-to article I wouldn’t fully trust (naturally) because it’s written by a Yid. Just a preliminary glance at the landscape.

Wut the. This is my idea of “Wonder Woman”

Such a bad person if you want to scrutinize the nature of the ruling-caste’s relation to its subjects.

“I’m a fan of the deceptions they keep in circulation.”

Why do I always feel like your psychotherapist anyway?

What if I told you I think those deceptions make you sick.

You don’t feel sick do you? Sure you don’t. And I know why you are.

Anyway, there seems to be an ambivalence toward us in this literature

Interestingly, it is a meeting with a non-Jew that opens up a series of adventures, right outside the boundaries of the shtetl

What we call “America” is just one vast open-air shtetl.

You freak out at the idea of having adventures outside of it? Wow, how boring you are, and childish.

“Adventurers go to gulag!”

Sweet relief for you. I make you sick. You already are sick. Sounds tough.

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