A guilty pleasure of mine is AC/DC. I’ve never thought to wonder why I like them so much. Is there a “science” behind it? Perhaps there is.

If someone looked at me with a serious face and said “I’m going to do something better than AC/DC right now” I probably would laugh at them. By all means I want them to TRY. That’s all I can expect they can do, try.

The mechanics of what went on in the making of AC/DC, it’s not something I’ve researched for some reason, even though I can remember being “moved” by them as early as the age of 11.

This is another “Harry Potter” post I guess- some things you just have to accept are good, even if they’re super-popular. It’s stupid to be a hipster-for-its-own-sake.

Is AC/DC classical music? No. It IS missing something. At the same time, it’s appealing in its earthiness. There’s something refreshing about its THUMOS. That’s also its vice, thumos. We can see the ksatriya/brahmin dynamic here. AC/DC is more like warrior-caste, classical is more like priest-caste. The priests will soon die without protection from the warriors, so there is something that appears timeless about the warriors. If the priests die the civilization dies, and the warriors have nothing fulfilling to protect.

I’ve seen AC/DC referrered to derogatorily as “dad rock”. Yeah maybe people weren’t such pussies back in those days? I wish someone could prove me wrong and do better than AC/DC – everything today is so mellow in comparison.

That’s an interesting “aesthetic category” – do you ROCK or not?

I just see it as a symptom of the Decline of Passion in the west in general that there’s no modern-day AC/DC equivalent. You don’t know how to rock, stfu.

Ok ok ok trying to get into the technical details here

their endless catalogue of crushing guitar riffs, which they honed firstly with Bon Scott and then polished with Brian Johnson

When he was 10 Scott was in a Pipe Band. You know the kilts? This was originally a Scottish band. These are the highlanders! It’s the musical equivalent of the movie Braveheart. Sorry I have to always “pull a racism” with everything. Probably explains some things though, eh?

One feels embarrassed when admitting one’s guilty pleasures like this. Or at least I do.

They’re just good, okay? I want to put it into words why I think so.

The older videos with Brian Johnson, I’d suggest to pay close attention to how his body moves. You can’t do it. You can try. We truly are living in an “irony-poisoned” age. AC/DC is unironic passion.

“What about Sweet Child O’ Mine”? No one’s going to mess with Sweet Child O’ Mine. If you examine “classic rock” you will see that some bands are closer to the hippie ethos than others. Once you know what’s hateable about the hippies you start to think less of those bands. Again, no one’s going to mess with Sweet Child O’ Mine or various Beatles or Pink Floyd songs either. Do they fucking rock? Or are they “mellow”? Hippie music is a form of xanax.

There will be no cycle 2, I rock too hard for you. Too owned by cope to ever admit it.

Keeping with this theme of lore though

AC/DC who, interestingly, originally wanted to call themselves The Younger Brothers — after the Old West outlaws who at one point ran with Jesse James — only to find that the name had already been registered by Turner.

Ugh, on youtube now they have two advertisements per video? I notice this when clicking through random AC/DC. AC/DC ISN’T an advertisement, that’s what’s special about it. Cool, time to watch the two advertisements before I can watch the main video which is also an advertisement. NIGGERS!

No one in their right mind wants to watch ANY advertisement. If you think you do it’s because you’ve been conditioned to accept gruel. Youtube systematically bans people who aren’t pro-regime advertisements. Makes for happy citizens I bet.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think Plato would’ve scrubbed some of AC/DC’s discography. Thumos is similar to Dionysus, it’s wild, unchecked energy. Too close to the earth, not close enough to the heavens, even though sometimes it is heavenly.

They can go either way. Just saying as a snob, there is something there that isn’t exactly easy to articulate. In other words, with generic enough thumotic sentiments ANYONE can appropriate it.

I really hope I don’t ruin AC/DC with this view-from-above. Eh, if I do then so be it. My only question is, what’s better? And why?

Jesus Christ dude, if music has fallen since the classical period we should be trying to figure out how to get back to the Beethoven Age.

Hey Jude and Let It Be sound like the same exact song if you listen to your stomach. Paul Mccartney is a nancy, he doesn’t know how to rock, end of the story. What if the one who killed John Lennon was right that he was a “phony”?

I know what the “peak of hippie truth” is, and that was Leary.

“Stairway to Heaven.” Still not Leary. They could only capture their priest fragmented.

Elvis himself was literally a Gypsy, so it probably goes back to before this time. Was it ALL a psyop?

Entre nous, sometimes when I’m in the supermarket I hear overhead multiple songs in a row that are about me, and I, an impoverished masturbator for years, would never turn to a fellow shopper and mention that to them, because they’d think I was crazy.

Refracted rock’n’roll in a fallen time.

I actually found a good poaster earlier today, and within 8 hours his account was suspended. This is by design. They don’t like when people rock.

Who is the “Principal” here? How many countries has he had to live in in order to spread his supposedly “Objective” views? People are “suspended” for disagreeing with this cunt?

“We will be taking those who disagree to prison, or what’s even worse, to be an unnamed scapegoat on the internet.” I’ve never seen a jew that knows rock’n’roll.

It’s almost like your nature is incapable of it.

“My nature is bribery and blackmail, how’d you guess?”

Your existence is a never-ending advertisement then. Obviously the ideal in human life.

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