I’ve talked about the Aprocrypha a few times now, i.e. the material that was cut out of the New Testament. Maybe you think you’re above it all. Look what year it is. It is based on one person named Jesus. You’re living in his world. What was left out of the accounts of him? Something “spicy” I think is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

It wasn’t discovered until 1896. It wasn’t published until 1955. People still have never heard of it. Can you say “scandal”? Is this an “I must be on crazy pills” time? Yes, that’s what it always is here. “Hey, I’m literally on crazy pills!” Makes sense why you’re a prog then.

I was contemplating the “Divine Feminine” earlier, and a couple medieval mystics of the female persuasion weren’t enough to pique my interest. This does.

Finding three fragments of a text of this antiquity is extremely unusual, and it is thus evidenced that the Gospel of Mary was well distributed in early Christian times

“There’s been a plot against us for centuries!!” Maybe there has. Maybe I want to continue that plot? Or wait, why am I even talking about this at all if I want to do that?

Are you even sure that you don’t secretly WANT me to continue the plot? Uh oh, better not think about that.

Not everything survived from the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. The first six pages are missing, for one. Only eight pages survive. Like I’ve said, I believe in the Divine Feminine. I’m pretty much Her personal attack dog. In case you’re confused and think I’m a “misogynist”. So hopefully those first six pages can be rewritten some day.

Lots of people are probably unable to accept the Gospel of Mary Magdalene because it’s too extreme. To me personally it’s not extreme- to the worldly ones, definitely it is.

By the way, this isn’t the Virgin Mary, this is a different Mary who traveled with Jesus. She’s been demonized throughout history as a prostitute, and she wasn’t one.

“Talk about the Buddha instead! I hate this, I HATE it!” The west has to have a moment of self-awareness where they realize how pathological a relation they have to Christianity. Just please calm down about it. Try to look at it as Buddhism or Shamanism, pretend you’re not from the west when you look at it. They’re all pretty similar at their core anyway. It’s just that one created the creators of civilization so you have a bias about it because you have a bleeding heart about people who have to copy them. “Oh yeah, that’s true, I always forget about that.” I have to admit things for you, it’s kind of sad.

All the disciples except Mary have failed to comprehend the Savior’s teaching… Mary steps in and [describes] how to win the battle against the wicked, illegitimate Powers that seek to keep the soul entrapped in the world and ignorant of its true spiritual nature.

People are so secretive about what they think about religion these days in order to avoid being canceled that I really don’t know what’s going on in certain people’s heads. So if you feel like both a religious person and a feminist at the same time, I found this collection of books earlier today. And you’ll find a couple on this Gospel there if you’re interested.

Again, I think there’s lots of confusion about what is spoken of at these Golden Dawn meetings. I’m trying to draw the outline of a “female Pope”, a “Jewish Pope”, a “POC Pope”. I don’t hate you, I try to appeal to the best side of you. The best side of you probably hates you, okay? You need to take it upon yourself to structure your specific community toward virtue.

Sorry to tell you, you’re not going to turn me on by flashing your body, you need to be the female Pope. You’re not going to make me less antisemitic by bragging that you’re rich and I’m poor, you’ll make me less antisemitic by being the adult in the room and reproaching your fellow jews about their excesses. Same goes for the other ten kinds of bioleninist.

I try to do the same thing myself, and I’m vastly hated for it. Scandinavia is the paradigm for “socialism” and I’m constantly (if indirectly) calling them retards who need to be smacked in the face, or challenged to a fight to the death like the old days. Same with Anglos and Italians, which I also am, and men in general who are cowards. I am constantly attacking the people that I am. Why can’t a woman or a jew ever say “You are all scum who I want to burn alive”?

THAT would be “redemption”, THAT would be justification for gender equality. Most women and most jews need to be decimated by their own people, that’s the only way things are going to get better. They don’t listen to people like me, they probably see me as a demon, blue eyed male laughing at them, it would be much more effective if a woman or a jew took a similar stance. I’m just trying to help you before the Regression of the Castes is finally fulfilled.

Alright, something personal I’ll tell you. I contemplate even marrying a Shi’ist so I can make my way into Iran. There are more Shi’ists in America than you might expect. My point is, if the Iranians can rise above all this dirt in the world you can too. They’re the true representative of Alchemy in our time. Let’s just state the obvious- they’re brown. Why is it that they are able to be so defiant against America and the Jews? They deserve to be recognized as heroes by any jew, woman, latino, black, albino black, etc. They actually stand up to it all.

“No no no no no no Shi’ist women are not ideal, you need to stick with Aryan women.” Even the reactionary ones are deluded by ‘modern ideas’. So what are you talking about? That’s the perfect mating strategy for them, to be beautiful on the outside and rotten on the inside.

Let me just put it in a simple formula for you- “blond golem”.

I know no one is going to agree with me about any of this, it’s just a speculation I draw from my own intuition. Likewise, a nasty disgusting pig jewess is not a “chosen person”. It’s the goldilocks’ zone.

Jscenter.ir – we Aryans need to do something like that, except better than these towelheads (candidly speaking).

Unz, Shekina.mybb, Bjerknes, are all nothing. We can do 100x better.

The question is whether you’re willing to betray humankind.

I finally found a good account the other day and it was suspended within 8 hours. This is an example of supreme intelligence. The bioleninists use AI-bots as a crutch to feel better about being niggers.

Aristotle was right that we are social animals. No level of misanthropy ever makes me stop being your attack dog. I think of myself more of a wolf, though. I am socially bound with the bioleninists as their wolf who wants to bite jugulars out.

“He’s part of our team, yay!” No, I am a servant of the divine and I try to help you because there is no one else worthy of being helped. Am I going to help caribou, or apricots?

You actually have the attention-span to make it this far? Well that’s a good sign for you. Neech does not allow easy initiation. He’s the “keter” here. The “ein soph” is up to you.

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