Rereading Rosen I realize I was too young when I read him the first (and second) time.

Don’t read him at face-value, you have to actively apply contemporary concepts to what he’s saying. He’s often having a 2400 year old debate with himself and that necessarily is going to SEEM like it can’t apply to today.

Think of the MSM in the following context

art completes nature… the polis is a work of art

I think the Trump phenomenon ruined people’s healthy cynicism about the “media”. You know it’s possible to hate both Trump AND the media, right? Before him it seemed like Everyperson in the country agreed that it’s full of lies. I even remember being a pre-teen and harboring a disdain for it.

The MSM is a work of art, and you are free to judge it. The egregore is a work of art, and you are free to judge it.

You might have guessed I’m reading Rosen’s book titled The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry. Another way he frames the debate is between geometry and finesse. And this is similar to how there is Malkhut in Keter and Keter in Malkhut- yes, there is a geometry to finesse, and a finesse to geometry. Let’s not walk into a fog where there is no debate though. I know for a fact there is because most of my enemies I would consider “poets”, and I know for a fact that I am NOT THEM. And they probably see me similarly. We are two fundamentally different types of people.

Do most of the poets have geometry OR finesse? I would say they have neither. What I know for certain is that there is an over-abundance of finesse and a destitution of geometry among the ones who are not pure NPCs. The MSM is 99% finesse, 1% geometry. It isn’t only that they lie, it’s about the subjects they choose, too. Anytime you see some bullshit on a screen it could easily be an interpretation of Dante or something instead. I.e. even if what they’re saying is true it’s still stupid, so I would say that’s not geometry.

The MSM is a work of art, and it lacks beauty. It is ugly. In general. There are exceptions.

The annihilation of being is a prominent theme in this artwork. Oh so subtle it is. In other words, its finesse hides what it really is.

I doubt most of the MSM could pass this test without coping

What they must show is that poetry is “not only pleasant but beneficial to political regimes and human life”

Let’s expand “poetry” again- people on social media couldn’t pass this test very often, quackademics couldn’t pass this test. All they are is pleasant, and from a geometrical perspective, not even that.

There are so many people out there eroding society that you take it for granted that’s what they’re doing. That is what they are doing. Look for it, you will see it.

Some obvious examples I’m sure people will hate- counter-signaling antisemites is erosion, counter-signaling people who think women should try to be more mature is erosion, you can probably think of others like this for yourself. The MSM, the egregore, and its citizens are a work of art, and it is glaringly lacking in beauty. It is a failed artwork that needs to be put in a trashcan.

Do you remember the first experience you had looking at Francis Bacon paintings? If you were like me there was a sickening nausea to the experience. Try looking at them again, I bet you’re numb to them. It’s the same with the painting known as society. Any alert, sensitive person would have the urge to throw it in a trashcan.

Who among you can say you’re innocent of this?

We learn [in the Republic] that the tragedians are to be denied entrance into our city because they speak to the crowd and “drag the political regimes into tyrannies and democracies”

Anyone who schmoozes kikes… anyone who schmoozes the rabble… You need to be kicked out in my opinion. Goodbye!

Not to sound superstitious but I do detect something “demonic” about the eroders. Whatever you want to call it, the evil impulse, the will to nastiness. Not all impulses are good.

I know this is a counter-intuitive sentiment in the eyesore known as our Founders’ America

According to Socrates, democracy… would be judged by many to be most beautiful, namely, by those whose judgment is like that of “boys and women”

Oh, our founders were like little boys? Better not observe THAT.

This makes me laugh, I always forget about this

The city in which philosophy rules is not to be found on the earth.

The botched artwork known as society is not going to throw itself in a trashcan or allow someone else to throw it in a trashcan. In fact they’ll throw YOU in there if you try to do that.

Isn’t there an ironic poetry to Plato?

the guardians within the city are “made” by the nomos [and are] “demiurges of the freedom of the city”

This is that “cultivation” from yesterday- they are cultivated by customs [nomos]. Philosophy does not rule on earth, hence the customs the guardians were cultivated by were not philosophical. I.e. poetry, i.e. simulacra “made” the guardians. I.e. ugly art “made” them who they are. People whose souls are shaped by democratic or tyrannical regimes in turn promote democratic or tyrannical instincts.

This can be reversed in part. I recommend Rosen.

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