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I googled “Straussian Kabbalah” and this new book turned up. I’ve wanted to put these two “heights” together for a while! And I do sometimes, probably without intending to. I’ve wanted to see someone else do it.

Page 2 of this already has noted that there’s a conspicuous lack of Straussians writing on Kabbalah (whereas they write copiously on medieval and modern Jewish thinkers).

I should get $10,000 a post, you freeloaders don’t grasp the mountain peaks I’ve taken you to.

First glance at this study- it is on the methods of secrecy in EARLY kabbalistic writers. So that’s already a disappointment. What we want is to know about the methods of secrecy in scholars like Scholem, Idel, etc. Fine, I’ll take it.

Do you believe this is happening right now? This is pretty close to “the perfect book”.

I think back when I was young and getting acquainted with the history of philosophy in the academy and Maimonides was not obscure it all, most people had some idea of him and his thought. In the case of Luria or Luzzatto for example, you never would have heard of them in a million years. Maimonides is “esotericism for goys”. I can’t think of much of a better symbol than him. Maimonides died a century before the Zohar was even written! Who cares about him! If Kabbalists learned methods of secrecy from him that’s the only saving grace I can think of in his case.

This is slimy

Strauss did not offer any interpretations of kabbalistic works

“We need to keep you goys asleep, it’s for your own good.” I don’t believe you. Sounds like a goblin that doesn’t want to interrupt the bloodflow for their matzo.

Back to this study though, another observation- it’s in English. Don’t expect much!

This is a goldmine as it is though, and I sense it’s only the beginning

You can realize other secrets by studying secrecy. For instance the secret that progs prefer their ruling-caste’s secrets to be kept secret. “Whatever is there doesn’t matter, we shouldn’t think about those things too much.”

Or IS it just progs? It seems reactionaries, too, follow the policy of not thinking about it too much. “Not thinking about what too much?” I don’t know, something to do with how you resemble a black woman in many respects. Without a pathos of distance from the worldly ones, the populists, pussy-hunting, “networking”, avoiding persecution in kikeworld, etc. that is the natural consequence.

Anyway, the preview of the study in question is minimal unfortunately, so just an image of an image for now, a tease of an outline of an ideal form.

If you want to get to an even higher plateau, an even more perfect study would also be in the same ballpark as the genre of “Straussian Kabbalah”, except it would acknowledge that Strauss didn’t go far enough and that such a hyper-Straussian reading would have to be on cladistic kabbalah. That’s the “secret” I would have to tell you at the moment.

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