Dipping into another book by that Fortin who has the superb study on Dante

the “noble risk” of dialectical engagement with the tradition of political philosophy

Fortin is a theologian who upsets other theologians by doing this. His example proves that it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. In the sense that progressivism is a type of theology, I think he’s an example for more than just the religious.

And before you ask, I don’t think resorting to simulacra counts as dialectical engagement. I concede it’s probably halfway toward it at least.

I look at my own Volk and realize that’s just who they are, with or without the jews in the picture, to be overly loving and forgiving, so I try to show them how they can keep being who they are and also incorporate more of an intellectual honesty.

Even if that ends up being impossible I think the experiment is worthwhile.

Can’t you relate to this?

the arguments levelled against the faith on philosophical grounds are not compelling

You just think I’m heartless and you have a giant heart. I know I’ll never convince you that you in fact are the heartless one.

Meh I abandoned this post out of misanthropy, now I’m reading a different subject (somewhat) so I might as well just not delete the above or whatever.

Why are goys so pathetic? A historical symptom below

The Latinate preference is not the one to go with, this is just a no-brainer. The Timaeus is downstream from the Republic and Laws, the Ethics is downstream from the Physics and Metaphysics. The medieval euros went with the bedtime lullabies of antiquity, relatively. Or to think of it in terms of a post from the other day about how Locke was a mitigation of Hobbes, the Latinate preference was a mitigation of the best of the ancient world. If you talk about the Republic properly you can put people into neurosis, so it’s not a mystery why they happened to prefer the Timaeus.

For a thousand years the Republic has no history, for a thousand years it simply disappeared. From the days of Proclus, the neo-Platonist of the fifth century, almost until the days of Marsilio Ficino and Pico della Mirandola, at the end of the fifteenth, the Republic was practically a lost book.” The same holds true, as far as the Latin Middle Ages are concerned, of the Laws.

It still is disappeared today!

Reflecting now, it feels so good to be a free person and able to talk about these things. Do you know what that’s like at all? I highly highly doubt it. In this sense it is disappeared- you yourself probably don’t even want people to be free like I am. Don’t fret, having a watermelon for a head looks good on you.

I need to get out of here, I only have fake friends on the internet. Even a serial killer deserves better than that.

Anyway, if you remember what I wrote about earlier today RE Kabbalists learning from Maimoides, you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together here

Farabi, who was, according to Maimonides, the highest philosophical authority of his period

Like the Republic, Farabi all by himself can nuke our entire civilization to dust. I don’t know if even any modern or postmodern thinkers are capable of that. The former are “originary thinkers” and the latter seem to be victims of “telephone game”. In this sense I can relate to Islamists who are hostile to “innovation“. The way I see it, many of the moderns were simply envious of the ancients and ended up ruining something that was already close enough to perfect in order to “do something new”.

Ahh it just hit me, I’m talking to people who prefer the Timaeus. You just want a nice story to feel better rather than to look at how all the gears turn and interlock. Whatever, you’re missing out. It reminds me of these old sunglasses I found the other day. When I wear them everything outside in the Sun is in technocolor. The greens especially “pop”, almost like “tripvision”. This is what preferring the Republic can do when you observe humanity.

Appreciate the US while you can though. As ridiculous as it probably sounds, it seems we are at the moment in a high-point compared to what it’s going to devolve into. Monkeyniggers are not going to be discussing the Republic, sorry to tell you. Even the stunted souls of the present will sooner talk about gas prices or something just as profane before they talk about anything like this. It’s unequivocally “the true Bible of the world”, you just need to know how to read it. Let me just give you an easy “proof” of this. Ordinary real-life example, if you deigned to invite me on a podcast, if I started talking about the inner meaning of the Republic (which I almost am always doing here) you would hang up that phone so fast. What a lonely world it is for me then. I repeat- it’s a book that continues to be disappeared to this very day. Just rambling now because I don’t care to speak to the rationalization-prone oompa loompas anymore. It’s a chocolate factory, not a sewage plant, don’t worry.

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