This is just a process of “sorting”. People’s souls are not immediately visible to us unless they’re walked through a series of trials. People don’t have fur in the way that primates do, so you aren’t able to detect if they are one right off the bat. With the right trials, you will see their fur.

So I hope you’ve been paying attention to the simulacra they use. They confess what they are through that. This is no “friend” you want. Unless you have fur yourself.

If you knock up a furry woman it’s no exaggeration to say that is bestiality. Sounds kind of important to understand, no?

I feel scorched myself having to lead these trials through hell. And at the end of the day, I’m still contemptuous of the crypto-primates, so that probably tells you something.

I must have exposed millions of them. Does this count as “MSM”. Good, something useful has that label finally then.

The truth is I’m the friend of the furry ones. I only want to help. It doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent. If you’re around morons for the first couple decades of your life sometimes all it takes is to find new people in your life that better reflect who you are.

In other words I don’t see these trials as “evil”, which you might see them as. I try to burn the fur off you.

In the other case, there are without a doubt “permanent niggers” everywhere in the world that education will never change. Again, I hope I’ve helped expose these ones. The signs are all there if you are able to see.

You have been sorted.

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