It all starts to make sense when I think of that old concept of the “vow of poverty”. I guess it’s a mixture of being too modest and too embarrassed to admit it. Yeah, that’s what it is, that’s what philosophy requires if it isn’t to be a refraction from its source.

I’ve never been addressing a worldly zoomer. The project I have in mind is a total Reformation of the West on the level of Luther. In our time, people who advocate for that will necessarily be in rags rather than tuxedos. See, there’s something embarrassing about it. I’d suggest to get over that if you want to play the ultimate game.

People don’t want to talk about these things. It’s also a “vow of chastity” due to the fallen nature of women in such a profane time. Just trying to help you kid, it’s probably the best bet to “wax your dolphin” than be jewed by a woman-golem. I confess that I have an overly-libidinous nature myself, and if I didn’t do that I’d be hitting on every nasty slut in my city.

So that’s pretty tough to face I think. A vow of poverty, a vow of chastity. I think it’s true though. These might be required for a “paradigm-shift”.

“We’ll be doing a paradigm-shift as a grifter and a crowd-pleaser.” You probably haven’t taken those vows then..

And through that you just play into the game of the demiurge.

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