No one on either side of the political continuum ever mentions Phenomenology. From the non-bureaucratic perspective it is the attempt to create a science toward pure experience that is not mediated by social-categories.

In other words, how do things present themselves when you’ve unlearned everything you’ve been taught?

I am addressing bureaucrats.

So how could I expect them to experience me?

“Do you want me to abandon my own family and all of my social-ties?” No, loyalty is a sacred good in my opinion. You’re some kind of devil if you do that, in a bad way. I just want to tell you some non-bureaucratic thoughts I have on Phenomenology since they don’t write about it in the many textbooks on the subject.

The human ego is more fragile than anyone can ever admit. Phenomenology, in its true sense, is something that can cause a midlife crisis. It’s only callousness and self-deception that prevents that from happening.

Recently I was talking about “secrecy” and I got to wondering “What is the CENTRAL secret of life?” What do you think it is? Think about it before you read what I think. … …. The central secret of life is the mystical experience.

All of that callousness and self-deception is removed.

This post is not a mystical experience by the way. This is a typical, callous, self-deceptive bureaucrat reading this.

Part of the secret is that if you talk about the real secret to them they will only mangle it and jumble it to suit their ego-centered categories. We are here also speaking of the so-called “Philosopher’s Stone”.

The Philosopher’s Stone is real in two senses that no one understands. In substance and also in speech. You can literally touch it and rub it around with your fingers. I’m not exaggerating. You can also talk about it. The problem is, most people will be confused and distort what you are saying.

[deleted text]

If only you knew what prompted this writing of mine. Only crude, human experiences can show us how the higher spheres relate to the earth I guess. A Latina and I made eye-contact. Only a non-bureaucratic phenomenologist can see what is hidden there.

She wants to be helped, she wants to escape. She sees a white guy (or am I eyetalian) as a ticket out of her genetic prison.

This is something the COVID mask psyop could not change, because the eyes tell it all.

Then there’s the inverse with Jews. For some reason, can someone explain this, most Jewish men I make eye-contact with seem miserable?

A Jewess compared to a Latina, sorry to spoil this, the Jewess is the warden of the genetic prison. They want Latinas to stay in there with them.

In some sense I admire the arrogance of Jews. If you deserve it then you earn arrogance, I believe. I just have my doubts the Jews have earned it.

Just from my ~phenomenological~ perception earlier today I saw something that was superior to Jews in that Latina.

“Please get me out of being … from… you know…”

Jews are too in denial to ever admit that.

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