Nappy-headed hoes

Jerry actually published a book in 2020, the first one in 25 years, and I’m taking a look at it now.

Let’s just cut the BS- Is the show Seinfeld funny from a Nazi perspective?

My instinct is that it is. Granted, I have to rewatch it to make a proper judgment, because it is something I only watched years ago when I was naive. My memory of it though is that Seinfeld deserves to be recognized as one of the great comedians of our time.

When I was a teenager watching it I had no idea most of the people in it were Jews.

Is Elaine like the Jewesses of today? If so, I might have to retract my judgment about the show. Is George “kikey”?? I wouldn’t know, I haven’t watched the show for years.

I probably relate to Kramer the most though. He’s like the “Loki” of the Jews.

I’ll have to return to this subject later when my independent moon base has adequate oxygen to sustain lofty thoughts, for now I have to merely survive here. Seinfeld seems to be a “capstone” of Jewry.

It went from 1989-1998 so what do you expect? It’s easily deconstructible these days. I don’t even have to rewatch an episode to know this. The “canned laughter” of the “audience” – that should be outlawed from comedy. No one would laugh unless they’re told “one laughs at this”. What one does. Best not to follow “what one does”.

With that said, I feel a natural affinity with old man Jerry. You can’t tell from my writings that oftentimes I am laughing AS I write. You don’t even know who I am through text. I am a clown and I am clowning people all of the time. I just can’t help it, when I write I am often laughing when I write.

My point here is that you Jews were funny for a while. Seinfeld ended in the 90s and you haven’t left there. Your M. O. since then has been to silence people who laugh at you.

You think you’re a brave person? Then talk about the NSA. I’ve been mocking this nigger institution for YEARS! If you tell a joke the NSA will be making sure you are hidden.

A Seinfeld of 2022 couldn’t exist because of the NSA.

You have to understand that for Seinfeld and people like me we’re not telling jokes, we’re just trying to talk about our experience of the world. Whether you laugh about it is only secondary, whether it angers you is only secondary.

Every Jew wishes he was Seinfeld at his prime. I’m not trying to pull a “fast one” on you, I sincerely believe I could help you in the matter of humor. Seinfeld, Dangerfield, Mad Magazine, a few others, were formative to me when I was young, and I don’t ever see anything these days that is as funny as them.

“You’re not funny, you’re a monster!” I’m the one who’s laughing. If you don’t get the joke it’s because you’re the object of the laughter.

Jerry. What can we say about Jerry?

He’s the culmination of Jewish humor and it died with him.

I don’t even bother to watch Larry David’s Curb your whatever, cool, you’re a boomer, no thanks.

Something funny to me is everyone in the NSA FBI CIA reaching out their hands in absolute shame and saying “I’m sorry! I was wrong!”

Early Seinfeld, why can’t you Jews have that sense of humor?

“If we get rid of the totalitarianism we open up the risk of being gas chambered.”

Totalitarianism is a form of gas-chambering the population.

“In our fear of being criticized we are NOT just like the notsees that we hate!” Sorry, I haven’t seen a funny joke from a jew for years.

Do you know what would be the Ultimate Comedy?

If Jerry Seinfeld started talking like I do, except with his unique form of humor.

“These kikes, I’m just tired of them.”

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