Something I feel the need to say about Plato’s Sophist is that it is one of the few writings I know of that can increase your intelligence. At least that was my experience. If you have the patience to really strain yourself and grasp the problems therein you might have the sensation like I did of “brain cells growing”. A few of his other so-called “late” dialogues have this effect in fact. I’ve talked about the Parmenides before for instance. And then the Statesman is like a sequel to the Sophist. I would have to call it a “math with words” that is about the most fundamental categories of existence. So if you’re someone who considers themselves as “having one brain cell” this is what I would say you should force yourself to read. There are various commentaries out there that could help you too. My advice is to forsake the idea of “dialogue” you see in shows. These are dialogues that you need to really ponder. One person says one line, then another person says another line – this by itself you could think about for five minutes. There’s no rush with these dialogues.

It was only a few years after his course on the Sophist that Heidegger published his chief work, Being and Time. He seems to have embodied Plato in order to have written that text.

Part of what I see as my “mission on earth” is to correct the mistakes of Nietzsche. Trying to get rid of Plato is only something that a sad clown does. If you only know Nietzsche and don’t know Plato it is because, ironically, you are part of the herd. Nietzsche is the “cheap and easy” enlightenment. If you don’t have the patience to read Plato it is because you are one of those ones with a bronze or iron soul. The “myth of the metals” is just a myth, don’t worry.

I’m only here to talk to “the real ones”. I know most people won’t understand or care about what I’m talking about.

In the terms of the Sophist, modern people are the nothing. Being is in the ancient world.

All you’re allowed to be is a black woman in the current year so what do you expect?

“Sheeeeit, enforced retardation, sheeit.”

There is a way some can escape from that.

Most have a mental illness from being drawn out of the world of illusion where they need to rely on derp state bots to soothe them that all people are equal and that white men are evil. Plato is not for these types, which are generally the result of centuries of braindead people breeding.

Anyway, after a while you start to see Heidegger himself as someone who wakes up in the morning and plays the role he’s expected to play. Das man. Comprende? He was part of das man, so was Nietzsche.

I don’t care to play that role, I will rather take the hemlock.

Thus, you are threatened by death if you question the world of illusion.

Where else can you go besides here that paints this so starkly? Time to think of your automaton-cope I guess.

You believe what you do because you will be punished otherwise. That’s no “true belief”.

What we care about in Plato’s universe is what is the truth.

“The KGB that secretly equates subhumans with humans is the truth.” That itself is a falsity created by subhumans.

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