I know what the “Philosopher’s Stone” is, and it can only be known through… you aren’t allowed to know about that. He was removed from the internet. His name is _____.

The real truth could only be known through a dialogue between us.

“They’ll only read what you’re saying here in rabble-language.” And what’s the alternative.

The rabble will only muddy up this debate. Do you know America, Mr. _____? I don’t think you do. Hence when our dialogue does not exist, humanity also does not understand.

I know what the Philosopher’s Stone is.

Did you ever hear someone tell you that? Just pretend I’m joking.

If we wanted to,

we could put the shards into place

And of course no one knows what this post is about.

It’s already put together if they do know what it’s about.

Sure, Mr. _____ you have no idea what I’m talking about, you don’t fear rabble or jews at all.

It’s time to make a decisive step.

If you honed all of your fire and fury into a single beam you could change the world.

I know this about you.

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