While I’m in a critical spirit about the Conservative Revolutionaries, an unpopular opinion I have is that compared to Heidegger the others are a waste of time to read. The problem with H is that you have to be in an abnormally alert mood in order to grasp him or try to grasp him, and you have to be in an inspired mood to talk about him. I’m not in either of those at the moment, my interest in him is just piqued, so I talk about him anyway. A gravely serious person. I think I mentioned before that I can’t imagine hanging out with him and joking around. That’s a good thing I think. Life IS gravely serious. Jünger the soldier boy… There’s a time and place for him. Schmitt the lawyer. Also a time and place. I remember Heidegger somewhere referring to Adorno by his actual Jewish name and calling him a “sociologist” (which, if you know H, is highly insulting).

Not everyone can do what H could do, I don’t claim to be able to myself except in rare moments. So I’m going to springboard off something he says at a lower level that I read just now

The essay “On the Advantages and Disadvantages of History for Life” is like the proto-Genealogy. So what is the proto-version of that essay about?

Almost alone among nineteenth-century historians, Jacob Burckhardt saw the totalitarian direction that history could take.

Remember that Burckhardt is one of the last people Nietzsche sent letters to, signing one of them “Dionysus”.

I’d much rather have been a Basel professor than God; but I didn’t dare be selfish enough to forgo the creation of the world.

This is a “playful seriousness” I don’t think Heidegger was capable of.

Anyway, Nietzsche also refers to Burckhardt as “our great greatest teacher” in these late letters.

(I wrote about Burckardt some here.) Learning now that he descended from the Swiss aristocracy – yeah, kinda could’ve guessed that. I think if you click that link there are signs of that. “We only want to hear the MARGINALIZED voices!” Who do you think I’m talking about right now? Oh you meant you only want to hear retards talk, sorry to decipher your real meaning behind that. The doctrine of the regression of the castes is the only thing that can explain all these white niggers everywhere. The time and place Burckhardt is from didn’t have that problem, at least in the ubiquity we see today.

It’s so hilarious that my relation to humanity is one of mutual “wanting to murder”. How did we find ourselves here? I’m just a po’ boy, nobody loves me, try not to let me live rent-free in your empty noggin.

Burckhardt was a seer based on this alone

“The most ominous thing,” he wrote in the famous New Year’s Eve letter of 1870, “is not the present war, but the era of wars upon which we have entered, and that is what the new spirit will have to adapt itself to. How much, how very much, that men of culture have loved will they have to cast overboard as a spiritual ‘luxury’ !

That IS the impression I’ve gotten the last decade. Philosophy is “useless”. Truth is “useless”. Or to use another word, it’s “excess”, extraneous excess. I imagine humanity as a mountain of matter and philosophy is like the cloud at the top that represents spirit. Except in reality clouds can engulf mountains. In the human world there’s a strict distance between the mountain and the cloud.

It’s a “luxury” to not be a mental slave I guess.

Do you think in the 2100s there will be people who talk like Burckhardt? This worries me.

The apes want any evidence of contrast erased. They’re the “new human” now. The humans before them were “racist” and thus the real apes. If you don’t even have the attention-span to read the Sunday morning comics I don’t think you should call yourself the new human, just a thought.

Recall my concession to Heidegger initially. Neoplatonism isn’t arrogant, it’s fair. I’m not the type that can grasp H every day, and I don’t hate him for it, I admire him for it.

All the apes can do is respond to any of this with “I’m an object!!!” Like that’s a response, you niggers. Let’s go back to the plantation times if that’s all you’re capable of.

I always knew I was going to die, I feel like Scarface in that sense, shooting you with bullets that say the word nigger while being shot myself – what else is there to do? People “golf” in their freetime, you’ve just accepted boredom as a lifestyle.

Look at this, this is an obscure text of Burckhardt’s that H refers to

How the golem are made. It isn’t through “culture” in its true sense.

I’m reminded of how Scholem first found a kindred spirit in Benjamin through their shared interest in the processes of history. So I guess kabbalists, communists, and I have at least one thing in common. I suspect something dark about you two though- you want the previous processes of history erased because you look really bad in them.

The “exile”, the “huts”, you want it all erased. And on the other side of the shekel, you want sublime cultural achievements erased as well. Now that’s what I call a nigger. And you know it’s true too.

Remember, even white rightists are not too far from these kabbalist-commies. “At the end of the day” I have difficulty telling them apart. All a type of lowly black woman. So try not to be confused about the false opposition. Call it a nigger ape and walk away.

“I’m eternally a pleeb, so I want you to suffer!!” Am I the one to blame for that? As I’ve said before, from my studies it doesn’t seem the Normans were “oppressive”, they were helping you the best they could. I, personally, love humanity enough to speak to them this way. “Real love is erasing history and erasing people like you!” Not if the world after is full of people who don’t have the attention-span to read Sunday morning comics.

That should be criteria for a future government- what quality of words is your mind filled with? Have you been reading nothing but trash all your life? Oh you’re cute, did you even TRY to read Plato’s Sophist when I suggested it the other day? If your mind is full of “Marx lit” you’re necessarily an orc now. Totally botched human being. You’re one with the “eclipse” of actual people, like what Burckhardt warned about. Eh just giving you some ideas for what to read to stop being one of those, because maybe it’s possible for you.

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