Heidegger’s late notebooks, of the 60s and 70s, were published less than a year ago. Here is the “motto” from the beginning of them

Vorläufiges / für die Wenigen / die Verlorenen / die Eingekehrten

Preliminary / for the few / the lost / those who have returned

Still, as an old man at the end of his life, he deems his writings “preliminary”.

There isn’t much left of his notebooks that needs to be published. Suspiciously, there is one “missing” volume from the 40s.

Woke up to both my laptop and phone being nearly unusable – I think lots of people just want to shut me up ahahaha No no that’s just unfounded paranoia.

Anyway, why would he be criticized for this?

Frequently many of Heidegger’s philosophical writings feel like he is giving us the view of the great philosophical landscape from 70,000 feet (he is criticized for this high level outlook)

Fear of heights? Like one of those dreams where you’re falling, except it’s not a dream?

Nice, a secondary text was published on the notebooks last year too

I personally haven’t found much of value in scholarship on these notebooks yet. Lots of hysterical, weepy bureaucrats mostly. Their publication unfortunately corresponded with the spike in wokeness that began around 2010. I hesitate to click any essays on anything from 2010 onward due to the heavy ideological content that is bound to be present. They treat the last 2500+ years of writing as a mirror, and I don’t want to see the ugly face of a leftist down syndrome patient if I can help it.

They at least can be useful for technical advice like the following

without constant reference to the Contributions to Philosophy Heidegger’s language-use in the Black Notebooks would remain indecipherable.

There are also several secondary texts that have been written on the Contributions. Books to understand books to understand books. He’s kind of like the Aquinas of our time, so this thoroughness is necessary. I’m not a mathematician, I’m a thoughtcriminal- that can just get as complex as math. See here for an off-the-reservation “preliminary” glance at these notebooks.

As for the 60-70s notebooks it looks like they’re still too hot to touch, as there isn’t much in the way of a solid “review” of them on google. I’ve been waiting for those for years, who knows how much they’ve been tampered with. The overseer of all of them from the 30s to the 70s also has books on Marx and Adorno, and has translated Zizek, if that tells you anything.

Here are a couple recent seminars of his to top it off

By the way, I am indirectly speaking here of what Evola calls chains of initiation. They use golems like this to interrupt the chains.

Ahaha The Times of Israel has an article on these late notebooks

While he seemed to have calmed down a little in the previous volumes, 98 to 101, we realize that this is not the case: Heidegger tenses up, in his last lines, more than ever on what he began as the “destined history of being” in the mid-1930s, and which constitutes a long hidden struggle against the “predestination of the Jewish community to planetary criminality”

Why are people always telling us types to calm down? Calm down about the planetary criminality!

Damn, you’re not going to see a loftier statement than the following

he believes that the brood that manipulates metaphysics is more than ever celebrating its own triumph since 1945

Yes, this is the problem!!

This type of text clearly showing that he had a very particular and facetious awareness of the “Heidegger industry” which was taking shape

It looks like Heidegger hurt the feelings of this journalist, such an emotional hitpiece you’ll see if you click. “Irresponsible Pseudophilosopher-Journalists” yeah that’s an understatement you twit.

I mean, is he wrong?

In the above passage, the poetry of Valéry or Hölderlin seems here seen as inexorably bound to be degraded and reduced to Jewish journalism and the technical organization of the boredom of the masses, dedicated to entertaining them and installing a certain torpor. The plumitifs [scribbler-hacks] are then targeted for their participation in this gigantic machination.

It’s so sad how few I expect to relate to me in my amusement here–nobody reads Heidegger. These notebooks were written 60 years ago! This is the first time we’re able to read them. -cricket chirps- Yeah I know, dead-soul golems.

Huh, he gets into his critique of sociology and the Frankfurt School in this too

Sociology, the logos of the socio – that’s a laugh. Marxist boilerplate from the ground up. I was so disappointed when I discovered what sociology actually was. It doesn’t have to be that. It has a nobler calling than what it is in the hands of all the cretins. I just imagine “dirty beard Santa” Marx smiling down from the clouds as the new degraded form of Yahweh.

This is pretty profound

ersatz philosophy – business done with anxiety to think among the wealthy, promotion-addicted masses; advancement searches that are reduced at the same time. The flattening of the masses is so inexorable that they are excluded from the possibility of ever reaching an abyss. The zone of desolation. 

Their souls are so shrunken they aren’t even able to have an existential crisis that could possibly get them out of their situation.

Old man Heidegger, I like this guy.

Oooh Adorno is referred to exclusively by his Jewish name throughout these notebooks apparently, that is some funny sh*t.

The contemporary right’s ignorance of Heidegger is symptomatic of where their minds in general are at. Without being educated by H the chances are high that you can only ever be a gossiper. “Well I want people to be friends with me, something you don’t get!” Making superficial friends while the world burns, good for you fuckhead. This is what H called das Man– see, you wouldn’t get it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he WAS able to do this

Ahh this was painful to read

all the “actors” of modern societies are basically only puppets of the machination

I don’t know how many ways I have to say it, that H is the reactionary Mind of the 20th century par excellence. Everyone looks like a “quack” in comparison. And passages from these last notebooks of his I first find on an Israeli website.


Every word that is now publicly spoken against this inalienable machination is lost

You never expected this the first time you saw those side-curls did you?

This is true though, he wanted them to be published decades after his death for you and me!

his notebooks have the function of raising an army of invisible, rare and noble people convinced of being superior to the mass because they receive the Winke, the watchful winks of the master. As for the others, they are casually insulted at page length

Or are you part of the machination?

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