There is a mystery to me though. I don’t think anyone can face the question. People are so secretive that I can’t effectively philosophize about the world.

These are the “altruists”. They perplex me.

To give you an example- If a Latino has leftist politics then it’s really obvious what their motivations are. Or if a woman does. The mystery to me is when a white man has leftist politics.

And I don’t mean like a hunchback type of white man. A woman must be influencing him? A Jew-employer?

The idea of a non-soy white man with leftist politics seems to be a contradiction in terms.

“Yes, it is soy!”

No, I think it’s more a mystery than that.

Just hear me out fellow rightists, the idea of extreme altruism. Is it possible for “Chad” to embrace that?

Again, I think a woman must be involved or jewish shekels. Still, it’s something I wonder about.

Simply stated, the fartniggers will take over without a lack of “extreme altruism”.

They already have, so I wonder about the origins. Why did they cozy up to kikes and cunts? I think it must have been something to do with their altruism.

I am actually trying to meet them halfway with some form of altruism now. That is suicide to remove the pathos of distance between you and the megafauna of the world. The rationality of the world is waning as the European male wanes.

“I akchully like these Hebrews, these Wimmin, these Blax.”

No… the only one to like in that mix is the women, because they’re our other 1/3rd we have to deal with, and deal with appropriately. The other two can all be murdered and that would be for the best.

I contend that there is nothing noble about suicidal altruism, and if you partake in it you are already a mullatto woman, a cross between a jew black female.

That isn’t real altruism. Real altruism is tending the flock of these types even if the world wants to kill you for it.

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