I’ve upped the ante recently on my pathos of distance (care less to lower myself for holiday-ruiner women, the hopeless rabble, etc.) which leads me to this fine amusement

Just looking at the chapters of this one, it’s maybe the most intimidating secondary text I’ve ever seen. Some call it a major text in its own right. So we’re doing some backtracking now- Schelling wrote in the wake of Kant.

When Kant was an old man he thought no one would understand his writings for a century. Heidegger gave this course about 120 years after Kant’s death.

The two in question are way off this chart, it’s not even close

Studying them is idle fun for morons as I see it, they being more or less the apex of humanity. Some people will appreciate them, as much as we can. Phew, good thing it was basically native american savages that were snuffed out in that war.

A real ambitious type will try to do this with Heidegger himself

“What are these depraved Nazis up to in their little hidey-hole corner of the internet?? Send in the psyops! Impose the sanctions!”

This is another egregore-prison some of us are in after we escape ZOG’s

It makes no sense to say that Plato, Aristotle, or Kant is surpassed. There is no presumption or disdain in our intention to understand an author better, in that this intention expresses nothing other than our appreciation of what wants to be understood better.

It’s the point of life in my opinion TO surpass them, maybe that’s just me. That’s what our multitrillion dollar economy should be used FOR. Everything toward that goal. Why do we have a fire department? That’s why. Why do we have electricity? That’s why. Why do we have a movie theatre? That’s why. Ideally. You have to wonder why so many pathetic wretches have magnetized toward someone with this ideal. What motivates spiteful lobotomizers? I think it’s something to do with their souls being equivalent to dirt. To be fair, in this context I always think of Sartre’s struggle of feeling the responsibility to “save the whole world” before furthering the project of philosophy. The point of the world is to further that project, so that’s where I am.

If you expect I’m going to do that in this very post you’d be sorely mistaken. That would be like handing you blueprints for a rocket and permanent base on Jupiter. This is just “the dream”, that every little boy should have in my opinion. I just laughed out loud at myself for even having such a dream. My point here is that if you have a similar aspiration this freely downloadable Heidegger text moves in that general direction. In my opinion ZOG has already been slain in the clouds, so this is the natural next step. Both the Jews and the Germans need to be leapt over. Children should be prepared for this project from a young age. Most of us were not.

You might notice more of a maturity to Heidegger’s approach toward this than Nietzsche’s, the latter of whom mostly only dismissed Plato and Kant with ad hominem. He sought to surpass them only in the eyes of the people, not in actuality. He was probably even in a delusion where he thought he actually did do it, and I don’t think he did. Poisoning the well on them for his own personal advancement I would have to characterize it as. Or am I doing the exact same thing to Nietzsche right now- who could know? Just suffice it to say that if you fall for his rhetoric it only impedes the project of getting beyond them all, in actuality. I mean, same can be said about the Jews too. I personally think deconstructing Judaism is child’s play next to getting around the Greeks and Germans. Once the Jews have been dissipated one usually doesn’t have the thought to move on to the next targets in the Great Chain of Being. “So do it then.” I’m 30 years old, I’m not going to be doing that, I only see the horizon of possibility. Needless to say, I haven’t had any help with this either- people mostly only throw bananas at you if you leave the realm of consensus reality like this. The problem is that the academy selects for rule-followers, and you can’t be that type in order to carry out such a project, and that’s where most of our culture’s brains go.

Or one might think of Wolfson’s (I think impressive) Kabbalistic ensnarement of Heidegger. In that though he leaves his own tradition unscathed. To my awareness no one has gone beyond both traditions.

Again, I have no intention of even attempting to do so at present, the prospect is just infinitely enticing to me.

So, I’ve talked about that Iranian study center before, the state-backed critique of the Jews basically. I think we would need a double-institution for this, that is similar to that center.

In case you forgot, they’ve been weeding Aristotle out of the academy. And I rarely have found a Realpolitik essay on Plato. So they are not in any place to do this when they are coerced to presuppose liberal principles. Or think of some of my “off-the-reservation” interpretations of various Germans. If you can’t start from there you’re not going to be able to surpass them.

Just some thoughts about the dream.

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