Isn’t it weird that you won’t ever see anyone say something like “the highest reality is Joy”?

The idea that there’s no meaning to the universe is an illusion.

Hinduism is true. There are tiers of being. What isn’t understood about this is that they all should just be happy that they are what they are.

It’s the poison of socialism that causes them to be unhappy.

“Capitalist detected!” No, I’ve always been a prole. That’s the only reason I can know this so well about them. Everyone thinks they’re an exception that deserves better, and they’re not.

They like to call this “the rigidity of the hierarchy”. It IS rigid. Wanting for it to not be that way isn’t going to change it. The only way to change it is to remove people above you from existence.

Am I doing that to Jews or are they doing that to me? That’s an open question.

Still waiting for that anonymous pdf where you prove me wrong, kikes.

“That’s who I am, it’s my true identity, I’m a ‘kike’!”

There’s no equivalent to that in my case. You can call me all sorts of things and it’s not as bad as a kike or a nigger.

The hierarchy is rigid indeed. And again, the only way to stop being a kike is to remove people who see you that way.

So do you not see this as an extinction of humanity itself?

I feel like Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen I guess you could say.

People similar to me find themselves enmeshed in a corrupt financial structure and so don’t say anything. The kikes are happy about this and they squeak like rodents.

“It’s rigid with the rodents at the top!!”

Hopefully you didn’t nibble any of the poisoned cheese I left out for you, nigger.

It would be too bad if that caused you to reveal your “true self” – and in some cases it did. Jews, since this experiment began, have definitely shown me that they are not fit to run a civilization.

What was the Pale? It was a rat cage.

As the years go on in America they only show more and more that they deserved that cage.

I just say that the best option is to poison all of them and be done with it, since no one ever wants to have to see a greasy rat squeaking on a garbage pile.

“The rigidity! We will remain here!” -squeaksqueaksqueaksqueaksqueak-

According to the Hindus, this is a lower society that you will maintain. You will remain a “second-class citizen” who is in charge of everyone else. Thus, Jews demonstrate they don’t truly care about the ones beneath them. Who would want to be governed by a second-class citizen? That could only cause unhappiness. “I’m governed by rodents, aren’t I happy now!” Well, niggers can’t be said to have the faculty for rationality.

There is a rigidity in the fate of citizens who accept a chandala-caste as their leaders. Expect to be eventually chandalas like them.

Meanwhile, eternally marginalized people like me are always telling you that with the right governance it would be easy for most citizens to attain a level higher than the depraved rodent kikes.

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