Sitra Ahra?

An example of one subject he bound into a volume (which I might get back to later- Gilgul)

Think they’ll let me into Israel to peep around in here sometime?

35,000 items in total, mostly from Scholem’s personal library, others from Tishby’s.

The only?

The Gershom Scholem Library is the only institution in the world that holds an almost-complete collection of sources and studies in the fields of Kabbalah, Hasidism and Sabbatianism

I’d go crazy in this library. It’s organized chronologically.

Ugh how barbaric

Regardless! Attention genealogists- you can create an online account at this library (shockingly shekel free) and browse in Hebrew to find some digitized texts. I finally am able to download a pdf of the main promulgator of Sabbateanism, Nathan of Gaza, for instance. And when I type in Isaac Luria [יצחק לוריא] there are 1461 results available for digital access. Voila. The chest of their secrets is now open. Ain’t no thang, thank me later.

They only let you take 174 of these documents home with you if you’re in Israel. And about 4x that is only available to be viewed in “the halls” as it auto-translates.

Then I put Luzzatto’s nickname [רמח”ל‎] in the search and find lots of digital results. Much better than google. 482 digital results for Schneerson. 242 results in general for kelipot [קְלִיפּוֹת‎].

How’s that expression go? “The system has been breached”?

Commentaries on the heart of the Zohar, the Idra Rabba [אדרא רבא] etc. etc.

You might want to look up some of those esoteric texts the Chief Magician of Mystery Babylon translated fragments of too. These need to be stockpiled in digital format.

All my lookin around (you SAW me) and all I had to do was create an Israeli library account. Another question is what do they only make accessible to read in “the halls”. Another question is what do they not even allow people to read in the halls. Texts that goyim haven’t lain eyes on for centuries, no big deal, no breakthrough or anything, settle down. Heh like these zombies care, there are already hundreds of pages of Luria available on surface-google and they probably spend their days reading da news instead.

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