Hate to tell you about this, they always throw the caste that tells the truth into the gutter, thus the deception-prone jew prevail. The chandala and brahmin are one in that sense. Our zeitgeist is characterized by second-rate people wanting those who look down on them to not exist anymore. So they will scapegoat without naming and mock you for being poor for years on end because their ultimate aim is to have only mud surrounding them, because then they are not judged.

“There’s no evidence I’ve ever done that!” – says a black woman with a tacky manicure.

It’s a LIVE nigger conspiracy. No one even fights it because there are so many niggers. Soon it will be a dead nigger conspiracy because simply everyone will be mudpeople.

Look at you!!!!! A NIGGER!!

This is just the absolute truth. People like me upset the ones who they keep in public as their pets. For years on end they steal your ideas and mock you for being poor and alone. That’s just how communists operate. Their goal isn’t a better future, it’s a future where no one is there to see them as the niggers that they are.

“They’re going to change this time, Wagner, watch.” No, they will always do the same thing because they do not have a soul, they were born empty, and what soul they do have is made of dirt.

You missed your chance to kill all of them, I tried to show you how that is possible, and you missed it, so now your destiny is to be a nigger that doesn’t even know it’s a nigger.

God has forsaken European peoples. You showed that you don’t have it in you to be more than pathetic. It might as well be a court-order- you’re niggers.

A future of being shit-colored and kikey is what you decided. You already had to be that on the inside to decide that. Despite that, I stand here calling all of these types worthless niggers that I distance myself from.

“We’re part of the whirling diarrhea in the bowl! We hate you!” Hating me means you stand for genocide of the refined souls of the world and support the monkey-looking chinks being in charge of the destiny of the planet. You’re just a nigger, walk away.

Oh look, the nigger can’t walk away because it’s a mad chimpanzee, what a shock.

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