You’re a pariah if you say these things I guess

there is no doubt that Herrera’s book was the most important philosophical composition that was published in the Netherlands in Spinoza’s time

Or at least if you situate Herrera’s popularity within the history of the Bank of England. It’s Scholem’s authority above by the way, and Herrera was a student of a student of Luria.

Goebbels can do this? Goebbels can haz cheezburger?

The US is the global superpower. I’m not a navel-gazer, this is about the American Revolution, and thus the foundation of the global superpower.

“Bankers don’t read mystical texts.” Do you KNOW that? Herrera was in the air at the time they moved their Babylonian business to Britain. The Talmud wasn’t really studied in Spinoza’s Netherlands. Herrera and his students were who “primed” this community to be receptive to Nathan of Gaza’s doctrines. And, fewer than three decades after Sabbatai declared himself messiah, the Bank of England was founded.

I’m also indirectly interested in the history of philosophy generally here, pursuing Schmitt’s theory from the other day. Here is Leibniz’s judgment

This is just an aside for now- here is a study on this subject if you want to know more before I discuss it sometime in the future.

Who’s more influential in the world, Spinoza or the creditors of the British royalty? So I’m more interested in how Herrera might have shaped the psychology of this Jewish community generally.

Few talk about the cabal, and even fewer talk about the cabala of the cabal. At another time in the future I might write about how this mafia’s psychology might have been impacted by Zoroastrian ‘cabala’ prior to its arrival in the west at all.

Back to the matter at hand- these are the people Benjamin Franklin knew we were fighting in the Rev war – whether he knew they were Jewish, or Herrerian, or Nathanist is another story. Did these bankers know Franklin was influenced by Hume? Probably not, and why would they care- they just knew each other as enemies. I care, I want to know why this country was founded.

So where is the abovementioned seminar, or the following

Apparently complete editions of Herrera’s two treatises are still lacking.

Do we have to venture to the Heebnet to understand our country? Probably.

I saw this there yesterday, kind of funny

If there were ever to be a “rigorous” conspiracy theorizing, it seems it would have to be through the examination of the history of Kabbalah. It might be relevant to note here that the Golden Dawn was influenced by a telephone-game’d version of Herrera’s writings.

Hey, I’m just chillin, I don’t see why everyone hates me

Know what would be interesting? If Herrera was RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING. Imagine a movie from the bankers’ perspective. The American colonists were truly the Sitra Ahra and they temporarily escaped their grip after the Rev war. I’d watch it. I KNOW you golems would love that kind of movie. “I’m a demon, punish me, Jews! Whip me whip me!”

Anyway, to the Heebnet now

Talk about a wandering Jew. Apparently the Herreras escaped the Spanish Inquisition by the skin of their teeth. Abraham also lived in Germany, England, and Morocco, to top it off.

This is the kind of “”media”” I want to watch, (FFS). A biopic on Herrera and his influence on influential people, heavy on the Sitra Ahra aspects.

Here is that Scholem intro if you don’t mind manually translating the Hebrew. Pfffhahaha they want you dead, broke, and alone for talking about any of this. That’s exactly why I talk about it too, don’t you get it yet. I’ve been consciously cultivating for years the identity of what Americans would take to be “the Antichrist”.

The sad truth is, they can never unlearn the lies they’ve been taught. They’ll always project their hate on Queen Elizabeth and the British royal family, because that’s the folk tale that solidified in their childhood play-doh brains. This is the decoy that distracts them from the robust and living “dynasty” whose roots and beliefs can be traced throughout history.

How to make these worldly ones understand, let’s see…

Click here and here if you want to see some more background to all this.

The question is what was the bankers’ spiritual understanding of us back in those days? And has it really changed much?

Here is a primary text of Herrera’s. It’s difficult to decipher. One more for the collection I guess, for those who want to solve the mystery of mysteries. I got an approximate estimate yesterday that a Hebrew book of this many pages would cost about $7000 to have professionally translated. Lots of books like this need to be translated, i.e. not by people with an agenda either.

Some things to look for if you want to trust the existing English translation-

They have these concepts in the Glossary, expecting a goy seeing them to be naive.

Even this can be interpreted in a sinister light

I.e. the American colonies won’t accept to be enslaved, thus they need to be “tiqqun’d”. In that way the Godhead will be “restored”.

After all, what are they?

I’m pretty sure Franklin didn’t have a clue about any of this. He probably just saw it simply as “greed”.

Here is the transgender agenda in Kabbalese

The male and female were imagined to be fused back to back to create one being. If you’re afraid to talk about the Jews that’s probably already happened to some extent.

Those bankers behind the Revolutionary War perhaps will remain hidden in the following sense until Herrera is understood

The white british king George conceals the higher.

We can probably only get an outline of their psychology from Herrera. Nathan of Gaza was read by their elite circles during that time and he puts a new spin on older kabbalistic forms.

Probably should note that in the English version of Herrera’s Gate of Heaven they spell kelipot as “qelippot”. It’s always different, maybe to throw people off.

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