I do not have remorse for being fixated on the mystery of Scholem- this is something you need to see

Obviously I want his personal copy of Sabbatai Sevi.

I can’t emphasize enough how recent all this is

Scholem wrote that in 1932…

Hello to any Shamirs out there. Do you ever feel uncomfortable when I ask “barbed” questions about Kabbalah? This is because throughout its history there has literally been next to zero critical questioning of it. At least from an external perspective. It’s been only internal, the proverbial echo chamber. So that’s where we are in history. The “cataclysm” of the 30s and 40s led to an extension of that lack of criticism. And looking at the mathematically perfect banning apparatus in place, needless to say that lack of criticism continues to this day.

So there’s a parallel here between Scholem’s “revelations” about Kabbalah and 1945, and Corbin’s “revelations” about Shi’ism and 1979. There was only a brief window in both cases to approach their scholarship in any way objectively. And these are two of the towering titans of esotericism today, thus this should give one pause. Wait wait “two towers”, maybe that’s still a sensitive subject in this context too. Sufism vs. Kabbalah – who could know the real truth behind that conflict? My “preliminary” answer to that is someone who attempts to approach both objectively. Maybe a Chinaman could do this better than any of us in the west, though that’s quite a niche understanding to demand.

I think I know a magic trick that could possibly facilitate a heightened objectivity in these matters. Do the Soviet gulags make you any less critical of the Russians? I think it’s sad it happened it to them, especially given it was mostly non-Russians who carried it out, and that doesn’t stop me from, for instance, smirking at their ice cream cone architecture. So I think you know where I’m going with this. Theoretically speaking, it’s possible for a past tragedy to not interfere with the objectivity of scholarship. It’s only possible though, because it’s certainly not actual in our present environment. Pretend Aleksandr Dugin starts talking like a buffoon about something – are those terrible gulags going to stop you from pointing it out? Thankfully he rarely does talk like a buffoon, so we don’t have that problem. With theorists like Wolfson and many many others of the Hebraic persuasion, unfortunately it isn’t so rare.

So do you want a sugar-coated viewpoint on the 800 year tradition of Kabbalah? Most people, jews and goys alike, will answer with a resounding YES.

I’m not going to give them that, I only say what I see there. I would call them a “troubled” people. They’re worried that God hates them.

This isn’t something that’s going to be so obvious if you read people like Idel or Liebes. From the primary texts I get that impression. When it’s filtered through them you get a “rosier” image of it. And this of course fully aligns with the basis of Kabbalah itself- the judgmental side is sublated. When you read these scholars what you’re really reading is the “right column” only. Take notes, this is important.

No it’s not if you don’t want to have an objective history of Kabbalah. What’s “objective” to them is the necessity to alchemize everything toward the right column. I don’t know if they can control this- Keter is simultaneously their superego and their id, and that’s what both demand from them.

I postulate that this explains “clownworld” more than nearly anything else can.

Even this idea itself that they’re mentally-unhealthily biased toward the right column will be SUBSUMED into that right column.

I would say that this is a classic case of the abuse of power and we are witnessing the consequences of that. There used to be a more or less healthy balance between the columns, and they have exploited the holocaust mythos in order to completely render invisible the other side.

I even concede to them that it’s probably true that the Godhead errs on the side of mercy. I’m just not sure if the Godhead is even in the picture anymore if the back-and-forth between judgment and mercy is eliminated.

Maybe you’re in denial about this? This is what we have today. It’s only mercy vs. false opposition. I.e. mercy vs. another, slightly diluted form of mercy. Given that the Godhead probably IS that way at the very core, I can understand how this confusion could have arisen. Without any substantial turmoil (for lack of a better word) between the core of the Godhead and its outer-core, the Godhead seems to reverse into its opposite, into something evil.

“Show me mercy, don’t call me evil!” See, they can’t get out of this paradox. It might even be their very personality, the “Keter of their DNA” so to speak.

Just to restate something- people being critical toward them in their own “language” isn’t something they’re familiar with. They were such a cloistered people for so many centuries, and when Scholem finally wrote about their secret tradition, the infamous “tragedy” happened, and we’re still living in the aftershocks of that “tragedy”. Thus they don’t have much experience with a goy talking to them about what they believed in that cloistered existence.

Insofar as the world emulates the US, and the US is Jewish, it seems the world is at stake. Whether they can learn to adopt an arguably healthier pre-shoah understanding of the Godhead is simultaneously a decision about the fate of the world.

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