You probably won’t believe me when I say it’s nothing personal. We always have to do this. The specific types of people I criticize are just an avatar of something else. It truly is a war that’s been going on since.. probably before prehistory. Just to prove this, one of the first “allies” that pops into my head is the Jew Spinoza. He knew about this war too.

If you want to know the “real debate” here. The labels we use for “the enemy” these days are frivolous if you don’t understand they have a spirit that is ancient. What we call them in modern times is just their ephemeral nickname.

“So prove it then, who was Spinoza’s enemy that is the same as yours?” That’s reckless. They will all devour you if you name them too directly.

Probably the two most illuminating studies of Spinoza are from Strauss and Deleuze, and I think the more recent scholar, Bagley, gets at this in certain places better than they even do.

I’ve made notes on this subject before. What exactly is the rabble? You better not say exactly what it is–THAT is what it is.

It’s an it. If you talk too closely about the details of what it is it only has the instinct to inflict violence on you, and hopefully you see yourself as above deserving violence from an it.

As for myself, the only thing I want in life is to play “the grand game” so I fight this object from time to time directly.

All you can do is run into a brick wall and hope some splinters of cement fall off the top. It’s no wonder no one does it. I think it’s a matter of your intuition, how much hate you are able to intuit that it deserves. Because that turns you into an it as well.

The alternative is being beholden to the Rabble, and that’s arguably more it-like than attacking it.

Human lives are pretty valueless, the only value they can have is if they’re an endless flow of violence toward “the Mindless Tyrant”.

You might think this is “peacetime”- you’d be mistaken. The Mindless Tyrant exists in an eternal state of war. The only noble response to that is to formally conduct war against it.

You can take my personal example as a case-study that it is possible to leave bruises there, even if we have not yet formulated a tactic to leave it DEAD.

All I ever wanted was to make it bleed.

Maybe one of you will figure out how to remove its head?

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