What’s always strange about “people who aren’t white men” is that they never can contribute anything approaching what white men have. They demand equality and the natural question is, Can you prove it?

Don’t brown and black people have to rely on bots to prove they’re people? Shhhh.

Meanwhile Jews can never have a direct discussion. Ever hear of that, Jew? A dis-cuss-ion, do I have to sound it out for you?

And all a woman is is a hole in the progressive framework.

Bots, cowards, objects – these are the non-equals a white guy has to speak to today.

Can you actually try, niggers?

Do something to prove you’re my equal. If you could do that then you wouldn’t be so worried about hiding people like me. The fact is you can’t, because you always expect the judge to be retards like you, browns and women. Of course if those are your judge they will “clap”.

Do something to prove you’re my equal.

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