There must be a way to quicken the deconcealment of Schmitt

much of this material is coded in the form of stenographic notes, the “Gabelsberger Stenographie”, which make it unavailable to all but a very few specialists. The material contained in Glossarium, however, was simply written in German. An obvious question is: why? A possible answer is to be found in the absence of clear expressions of political conviction in these pages.

This is about 70 years of journal entries in this “language”

This is probably an accurate statement

It’s a matter of whether you want all opinion to be uniform.

The most obvious example is Badiou who is supposed to be the great philosopher of our age, who turns out to be a stereotypical conformist in all of his grounding axioms.

Schmitt and only a couple other genius-level figures from recent times are not one of these “clone people”.

The fact I even have to justify my interest in these journals is sad. It’s pretty simple- everyone having the same opinion is BORING! I don’t care if they differ on the surface. If they have the same axioms they have the same opinions. This is what our “intelligentsia” is, all clones with a different number on their gray jumpsuits. Schmitt is not the same.

There is no “checks and balances” system in the Life of the Mind of the contemporary west. I imagine Andre the Giant- it’s a big retard who will beat you up.

Say that there are two sets of axioms. Both are actually appealing to something more fundamental than themselves. This has been forgotten. The clone people live in the self-deception that their axioms ARE what is fundamental. No, both they and Schmitt ATTEMPT to ground themselves on what is fundamental. And the clones are arguably WRONG besides being boring.

I have to admit I’m a scifi geek. If there’s an “alien” in the world it is Schmitt, just look at this “language” that he wrote in

Different language, different axioms, one might even say different species.

The McAmericans are not going to make “contact” with this Schmitt for, if I had to guess, at least decades. The Chinese will probably long before us.

How do they fall for these Esthers, an Esther would have a snowball’s chance in hell with me

He was only in his early twenties, forgive him.

Lots of mundane tedious life details in these notebooks though, that’s going to be another obstacle.

Take the strenuous time to learn the Gabelsberger language only to read an alien talking about eating breakfast. People are people, they’re not aliens.

We wuz pursuhQdid

Berlin had a large proportion of Jews, who were particularly noticeable in politics, the media, culture and science, which Schmitt perceived as a threatening “power of the Jews” (TB V, p. 59). He notes “Shame and disgrace that I am in this Jewish town, insulted and desecrated by Jews.”

Glad I don’t relate to this either

“Jews and women are just part of life, get used to it!” I don’t want to get used to Jews though.

Translating this would probably be entertaining in parts too

I have to rely on secondary texts on these notebooks for now, and naturally they try to smear him and make him look bad throughout. Pff as if the above doesn’t make him look better. Just like I said though, this is how the “clones” deal with someone like him.

It’s comical when you understand their motivations for it

he offers all the symptoms of the manic-depressive type… ruled by fear… “Fear eats away at my soul”

This is the treatment he deserves for questioning the international banking cartel.

I initially mentioned “quickening the deconcealment” – this type of essay has the opposite effect, and it’s deliberate. Fellow clones will read it and see it as “an objective summary of the notebooks” (insert NPC face here). It will be quickened by realizing that Schmitt is in the hands of “the enemy” and they will thus distract you from “contact” with him by diminishing his image.

Anyway back to the subject- I wonder what Gabelsberger meant with the first line here

He calls it a speech-drawing art [Rede-Zeichenkunst]. Read more about this language here.

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