New book on Timothy Leary dropped

It’s not exactly new, it was in manuscript form for close to 50 years.

I was racking my brain to think of another “alien” out there, and there’s no contest. It’s Leary.

There are actually a ton of similaries between him and Kabbalists. The difference I pick up is that his writings were more from direct experience, theirs more from passed down dogma. Here’s an example from that Herrera from yesterday

Whereas it’s palpable that Leary encountered the different “worlds” or “sephirot” on his own. So he’s kind of like a Simeon Ben Yohai in that sense, his writings a sort of Zohar. Granted I don’t deny there are plenty of decadent hippie elements in his version. Even I’m a hippie against my will in certain ways, just from being a millennial, so I can’t really blame him.

Leary was in prison when this was written by a friend of his who was also some sort of mystic

Think some of those Kabbalists never contacted Saturn or Saturnine intelligences? I doubt that.

What’s advantageous about Leary and his circle is they tend to talk about these things in a more palatable way than religious mystics. I personally feel quite detached from modern atheism and even I have trouble believing some of the things for instance Sufis say- “You’re just makin stuff up, shut up” – with Leary I have a natural non-skepticism.

This writer keeps mentioning the Feds. What is it with non-ordinary states of consciousness and federal hostility to them? Definite real-life Agent Smith vibes.

This is how I feel with my readers

My telepathy with plants, therefore, was not fully accepted as “real” until after Backster and several other scientists confirmed plant-ESP by polygraph readings.

Just kidding. Plant-ESP probably is real though.

Some of those hippies were on to something

absurdly impractical vision of millions of people dropping out of the urban rat-race, returning to a homestead economy

He just mentioned Jefferson too in the same breath, out of all Founders. Yup…

This is like a time-capsule I’m reading.

The eight-circuit model of consciousness is Leary’s life-work. What’s controversial about it is that it is teleological, it posits that there are mechanisms in the brain that already exist and are as it were waiting to be unlocked, incrementally, at different stages of evolution.

Earth-society and earth-neurology is larval, Dr. Leary believes; we are at the embryonic stage of development. The first four circuits of neurological signal-reception… [And there are] four higher circuits, which have thus far only appeared in chance mutants, trained yogins and shamans, drug trippers or exceptionally advanced scientists and philosophers.

The Kabbalists have a similar conception in that they believe the messianic age is when the “Keter circuit” has finally immanentized in Malkhut. And interestingly they also presuppose “already existing mechanisms” in that they seek to repair the vessels that were shattered. I think this is part of why I am able to speak to the egregore directly so to speak. Because I concretely understand the structure or form of the sephirot, and I simply disagree about the content, i.e. the meaning of Keter immanentizing in Malkhut. We have different conceptions of Keter and different conceptions of Tiqqun, or how to go about actively participating in divinity in order to immanetize Keter. I’m not dogmatic, I don’t follow what the overlords tell me to do and how to do it. This is because both their aims and methods seem unsound. Or in Learyan parlance, they strike me as being themselves locked in one of the first four circuits. Can’t be serious AND can’t joke- it’s a real problem they have.

I’ve never seen it speculated in these terms that it was their intuition of the above that drove them to imprisoning Leary, and that seems pretty plausible to me.

You can take my word for it not, the Sabbateans and their golems do not appear to have reached any of the higher circuits.

I had lots of fun talking about Leary some years ago. Unfortunately Americans seem to have only descended in terms of circuits since then.

There is no “free will,” no “human dignity,” no real “individualism” anywhere on these primitive levels.

My theory is they realized Leary was right and something in their primate-mind switched “witch-hunt mode” on. The Kabbalists know of this effect so they tend to be quiet about Tiqqun. I had too much naive hope for people I guess. Ironically though, the Kabbalists’ Tiqqun seems to amount to keeping people in the first four circuits, so I kind of felt someone had to say something about all this regardless of the reaction.

Kant, as usual, explains most things

the restriction of consciousness to the reward-punishment circuits

To deny rewards-from-golems would be akin to starving to death for them.

The truth is though, some of us are well beyond Learyanism and can see how it itself is stuck in terrestrial circuitry.

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