This is the type of question mark I’m always wondering about

I have the feeling that I have a bird’s-eye-view on the tradition in general. There must be something I’m missing. I imagine it like a typhoon. Where is it? What could do this?

I have to respect it enough to be willing to make a synthesis with it. It’s bound to exist, I just don’t know what it is.

I think that Serres gives me some clue of that at least. The problem though that I’ve stated before is that the best minds are in France and… they’re French.

There must be somewhere to go for what I seek. I can imagine someone approaching me with a basket of cognitive goodies saying Think of this, Think of this, Think of this, and I only expect what they present to me to be something that helps make it easier to live in ZOG. I want the direct opposite of that. I only want a “synthesis” that makes what I already believe even more poisonous.

What’s that word from the other day, “mitigation”, Locke’s thought was a mitigation of Hobbes’. I want the opposite of mitigation.

I feel like a knife that’s surrounded by people who only cause a blunting effect. I’m definitely one with the clan known as continental philosophy, and when I scroll through z-library (endlessly) it’s just a depressing feeling I’ve learned to accept that so many pseuds exist. They’re all “making their way” with our culture instead of trying to be culturologists. And then my favorite “independent” websites are always way too polite. I don’t see the point in being a gentleman. That’s only a euphemism for someone who is willing to mislead people. Most of the world consists of niggers who could be killed and it wouldn’t matter. That’s the non-gentlemanly way of going about it.

I just did remember a couple options for a potential synthesis, isn’t that exciting. Never going to happen, it’s just possible. A Jew who sees all the niggers like I do, maybe they think of it in the old way as Sitra Ahra or not. That could be a productive synthesis. They no doubt see things that I don’t, they’re just quiet about it OR only talk to Jews similar to them about it out of everyone else’s earshot. Similarly there are very likely goyim-elites who have concrete experience of looking at things from the top-down. I do that only from a theoretical vantage-point. I mentioned a while back that politicians for instance have something unlock in their minds when they’re in that place of power. I noted that even someone like Hillary is probably more philosophical than anyone might expect.

So in other words, I think I have exhaustively frisked the available texts and I am at an end with those, such that not much worthwhile synthesis is possible anymore. That’s one of the reasons I’ve been snooping around Kabbalistic manuscripts though, because I have a hunch that if some of them were translated it would probably be better than talking to a living Jewish misanthropist. There’s nothing “evil” about this- do you think that God has the highest opinion about humanity? Or does he see them all as pathetic creatures? It seems like the only way to not be pathetic in His eyes is to pursue the avenues I am suggesting here. “We want to make sure you’re a butter knife like us.” OKAY NIGGER!

Years I’ve been dealing these sad cases. “You better start interpreting the world as a weakling like I do.” No, I care about stepping over the horizon of known-thought. 999/1000 times they’re making a rationalization in order to feel one with ZOGworld. And the 1/1000 feels pressured by the other 999 to be like them–or else–so they’re only half-valuable.

Give me a worthy synthesis.

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