You’d be amazed who’s been revealed to be a blue-haired Antifa when I speak. They just can’t help it, their true self rears its ugly head. The lowest of the low, the detritus of resentful scrubs. It’s a better question of who HASN’T. There’s such a list in my mind, I’m just a polite person believe it or not. “Just cut the tether, tell us about this.”

“-gasp- It’s ME isn’t it?” Probably.

Would you feel happy if someone saw you as the stereotypical Antifa one sees in the street and expects to “smell”?

Well I have news for you. Most of what you know of as the right is false opposition. They might as well be blue-haired Antifa.

Neoplatonism is what causes this effect when it shines on present politics. I sense that I repeat this and no one bothers to go study Plotinus or someone like that. I’m trying to tell you that if you do that you’ll stop being the way I make you feel embarrassed for here.

Weird coincidence to find this meme

I have my morning coffee with a Spiderman mug, thank you very much.

Do you think I’m exaggerating?

What possible incentive would I have? Do you think I want both the right AND left alienated from me? I have no incentive other than telling you what I see. Most of the right is reminiscent of the Antifa.

Is that something you would be happy with? Sure, if you’re a farthest-left Antifa.

It IS disgusting, and I have to conclude that you’ve been jewed beyond anything you can even understand.

An Antifa punk joining the orcs in the street and pretending you are not that. That’s what I call a genuine nigger, through and through.

“I’m not mad right now, I’m not mad, and even if I was mad, it’s not because I know he’s right!” Yeah.

You have blue hair, you stink, your allies are the orcs. You’re a leftist nigger, time to face it.

“No, I’m milking the system, I need to exploit the confusion to make shekels for my worthless existence.” Yeah.

Similar to Antifa when people talk Neoplatonism to you – what do you think explains that?

Once you learn to answer that yourself it will be better than someone giving you the answer.

If you’re forced to look at the various types of nigger of the world and you think “This is me, I see myself” you are not a brahmin in any sense of the word so you should hesitate next time you feel the urge to speak about politics. That is not your domain, lowly Antifa. A broken individual who only has the outward appearance of a soul if they’re lucky, and static inside. If they’re unlucky which is more probable there will be a rottenness inside, a black muck they seek to cast on all of humanity. You disgusting nigger. Do you understand yet?

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