I saw some funny sayings from Luther the other day, and I never expected him to make me laugh- something about how serious he seemed when accusing people of being instruments of the devil. So I’m going to examine the case of this paradigm-shifting theologian.

He likens this statue to the study of the Talmud

a sow carved in stone. Under her, young piglets and Jews lie sucking. Behind the sow stands a rabbi who lifts the sow’s right leg and with his left hand he pulls the rear over himself.

He could read Hebrew so he was able to read some of the Talmud himself (it’s a mixture of that and Aramaic). He knew Hebrew well enough to translate the Old Testament after all. He was also a professor of theology and taught the OT extensively. For him it was explicitly the foil of the NT.

For instance

Blessed is the man who has not walked in the counsel of the ungodly… He did not consent to the designs of the Jews, who afterwards crucified him.

He interpreted their centuries of exile as God’s rejection of them.

Around Christmas time this year if you see a Jew eating Chinese food you should swat the take-out box out of the hand of that Satanic reject. That’s the proper attitude that could save the country. It will not be adopted, oh well. It’s a fitting symbol though, given China’s trajectory and our own isn’t it? I wonder if there’s a specific family of niggers responsible for that?

Again, even the right consists of blue-haired Antifa. These are the creation of the Jews, absolutely worthless people. Any human being the Jews influence ends up so tainted they aren’t even fit to be dogfood. I don’t want to make dogs vomit, do you? God’s rejects only create other rejects of God.

Honestly I always wrote Luther off–probably subconsciously–for being “too Medieval” and I like him more and more the more I learn about him

Repudiating Jesus is like repudiating Socrates. The Jews are similar to the Athenian demos that put Socrates to death and had no remorse about it. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t really care about the opinion of the Athenian demos on anything. Especially if they lived in denial for thousands of years afterward! The Jews can’t help it, it’s genetic, they’re perma-niggers. Evidence of this is that they even hemlock people who POLITELY disagree with them about any of this. That demonstrates a lack of impulse-control, much like an ape has. They’re close-minded objects that prefer vengeance to discussion 100 times out of a 100.

Do you think there is a reality to Geburah or are we indeed living in the messianic age?

In Strasbourg in 1574, a broadsheet depicting a Jewish woman giving birth to twin piglets – a motif of the Judensau – was accompanied by text based on Luther’s read connecting the pig, Jewish blindness, and the Talmud.

“So that’s why the Germans were like that, because of Luther.” No, the Germans were like that because of the Jews. Ooh the “Christian Hebraists” will beg to differ. That’s because you are a PIG yourself. A pig in a top-hat, a pig in make-up, it doesn’t really matter, a pig’s a pig. And you’re all in agreement to keep anyone who can smell your odor out of society. Nothing can clean a pig like you so that’s your only desperate option.

You can exit this Truth Portal at any time, pig. Farewell to you. Don’t you feel the mud calling you? The inexplicable urge to roll around in it. Go to it, follow your rotten heart.

Anyway, this is what is particularly interesting to me

Everyone(?) knows Luther’s The Jews and Their Lies – and I wonder how his translation of the OT and NT reflects that treatise.

Let’s look at a history of his writings. Wanting to free the NT from what he considered the Latinate corruption of the text, he translated it from the Greek in 1522. In 1523 he published “That Jesus Christ was born a Jew” which was sympathetic to the Jews. With that he sought to win them over to Christianity. It was not effective, and some speculate that encouraged his future vehemence toward the Jews. Remember this isn’t long after the expulsion of 1492. The ones who fled Spain for Germany obviously were the Chinese food eating types that weren’t willing to convert.

Luther was, as Thomas Mann wrote centuries later, “a mighty hater, ready with all his heart to shed blood.”

I wonder why none of you white slaves are like Luther? Oh right, it’s because you’re dead inside and domesticated like a barnyard animal. Lazily chewing, brain blank.

What’s curious to me though is that he translated the full Bible in 1534. And it was in 1543 that he wrote his main andysummitik treatises (besides “On the Jews and Their Lies” also “The Last Words of David” and “On the Ineffable Name”). My question is to what extent did his meditation on the OT in the original Hebrew lead to his andysummitism? Hopefully I’ll happen upon a specialized study on that question one of these days.

It’s too bad it’s mostly God’s rejects that are reading this. It’s either God’s rejects or people who are coerced into flattering God’s rejects – either way what’s being said here probably doesn’t make them too happy. Ahh the curse of being born a woman- Socrates thought that was the result of a man being cowardly in his past life. And women repeat that same cowardice again by aligning themselves with God’s rejects. We still love you fallen beings, you don’t have to prostitute yourself to the Jews and turn into something even more fallen.

Anyway, did you know this was such an abiding concern of Luther’s?

In his last sermon, three days before he died, he once again called on the Christians in his native town of Eisleben to expel the Jews if they did not allow themselves to be converted.

Again, imagine the filthy Athenian demos laughing about Socrates’ execution 2400 years after the fact. That’s what they need to be converted from. Luther was increasingly cynical about this prospect, likening their hearts to stone and iron that will never change.

A psyop in circulation today is to see this as “intolerance” of the Jews. Is it so wrong to be intolerant about people who laugh at the idea of killing someone for telling the truth? That’s what that Chinese food means, and if you watch closely you tend to see the very same attitude expressed every other day of the year too.

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