If you’ve been following me for a while you might have noticed that my attitude toward Heidegger oscillates. The intervals where you don’t hear about him, it’s because I find him annoying, his repetitive language, I would even call it his narcissism which only is able to interpret any other thinker according to his own thought. One thing I think is timeless in Heidegger is his attempt to rethink the originators of thinking. I clicked a random PDF on a couple of these earliest thinkers not by him, and I think younger people will be able to relate to it better than Heidegger for the most part. The first page and handful of lines in this preface. Heidegger was born in the late 1800s! He can’t talk about the pre-Socratics in a way most of us can understand. The beginning of that preface gets at something I don’t think he does.

I’ve never heard of the guy he mentions as being his influence, I can just understand from my own experience with music. When it’s at its best it can be as primordial as those pre-Socratics.

That raises the question- Is Heidegger the Beethoven of philosophy? Whatever the answer to that may be I think it says something that it is able to be asked as a question.

I highly doubt the brains of the left, Deleuze, Adorno, Kojeve, etc. could be considered as such. I encouraged you to listen to music from the Pale a while back. What did you think? My own thought was “inbreds must have made this”. They think if they live in a cloistered community for thousands of years all of a sudden no one will notice how dogmatic they are.

“So give me a thousand pages on Deleuze then.” Give me shekels that are not shekels and you might get to see some of my thoughts on this Jewish titan. Accepting either jewbux or crypto seems more or less the same at this point. How about an explicitly antisemitic economy? Just an idea. Deleuze is only someone you could mess with from a place of relative luxury in any thorough manner, and they deny that to all non-golems. So you inbreds can live in ignorance if you want I guess.

I listen to Richard Wagner and look upon his leathery face, thinking “You’re an idiot, you’re behind the times” then the Flight of the Valkyries starts playing, and I look in his eyes and I remember.

People with my perceptiveness they only want to destroy because I disrupt their pact they made with the mob. That’s right, you sully music, art, philosophy, and life in general by making agreements with the money-changers and the retard-horde they extract shekels from. Sorry if some of us still care about what the noblest sides of the mind are able to produce, if free from that.

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