I feel like I’ve been directing a wind, and if it hits you the back of your skull will hit your spine, and it isn’t clear you will be able to think at all afterward. The wind isn’t my making, I only “turn” it in directions I think could be useful. If it snaps your spine how do you think it is to mediate it. Everything else is boring, is my thought, that’s why I’ve kept with it.

What’s dark about the so-called theological-political question is that it is more theological than political. Humans can’t deal with the full might of God, so they use priest-mediators. This is a filtering, and the “demos-bound” filter it further to fit “their world”.

The Jews are the enemy of God so they want to prevent any of these intermediaries from speaking to their slaves.

The Jews – Two Thousands Years in a Neck-Brace, someone should adapt that to Broadway.

The cold gust isn’t mine, it’s worse when I initially have to deflect it to God’s Rejects. If they knew it before it was refracted they would simply perish.

I think everyone experiences it and aren’t so aware when they dull it down to speak to the people they want to be accepted by.

If you stand too close to it, Mammon and Moloch will shy away from you. If they get too close they will die. I suggest they should be killed. It’s up to you to redirect the upper-air current right at them.

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