Something about the Summer makes you remember old memories you had. Some of my favorite memories were probably from over a decade ago with that girl, even though in retrospect she wasn’t mentally healthy, I was just happy to be free with her in the sunshine. This was before the state interfered with everything. We simply loved each other, and it makes me cry to think about. Nowadays the state will be determining whether you are allowed to love a fascist you wander in the forest with.

They want you to have rote material roles with other people. No thanks… I’d only be happy if I could find love again.

Why is it that specifically jewish people want to make sure their enemies never experience love?

Cool stuff, I remember walking in the sunshine with someone who I loved, and I want to rescue her from the jews that want to create a silent lobotomy so no one ever questions them again. Yes, we lovers always knew that in those days..

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